Virtual phone numbers also known as virtual numbers are considered as a fundamental tool in nowadays’ business. It is particularly important for those companies whose activity is outside the office. Due to this, virtual phone numbers have become in the greatest phone model for flower shops.


What are virtual phone numbers?


Virtual phone numbers are regular phone numbers formed by the same amount of digits than ordinary phone numbers, but with the peculiarity of being hosted in the cloud.


The virtual landline number seems similar to the traditional one, their structure is the same. First the area code and later the rest of numbers.


Although, there are many opportunities that this kind of phone number provide than others don’t.  Since it is hosted in the cloud it enables routing calls to other phone lines that are actually hosted in physical devices, such as a cellphones or landlines.


Virtual phone numbers are always landlines phone numbers since they are destined to businesses. Virtual phone numbers give a professional and serious image to clients and business partners and on the contrary, cell phones are considered as a personal reach channel.


This kind of phone solution is perfectly suitable to businesses such as flower shops or any other kind that requires mobility to perform their activity.


Flower shops need a solution that allows them to move around in order to deliver flowers in their correspondent destinations. Due to they way flower shops operate, it is necessary to find a solution that is adjustable to different scenarios and workplaces. Some of these places are the workplace, the store, the greenhouse where they purchase the stocks and specially the van in which they drive to many places for the flowers delivery.  Definitely, virtual phone numbers are the best innovation that could be implemented since they satisfy all the flower shops requirements.

virtual phone numbers


Virtual phone numbers are a solution for this type of business and many more with this kind of requirements. Companies enjoy mobility and flexibility advantages which are characteristic of cell phones, at the same time that they preserve a professional image with a landline phone number.  


Since the environment is more and more dynamic and changeable, may companies are now looking for services like this one. The virtual phone numbers are adjustable to any kind of company no matter its size or industry.


Besides, Fonvirtual virtual phone numbers allow the addition of pbx features, such as welcome recorded messages, call recordings and setting up client service schedules. Any call received outside this time range will be sent to the voice mail, so clients could be contacted later.


Summing up, virtual phone numbers expand your company’s business opportunities. Check Fonvirtual and find out the best plans at the best rates and discover other of our services: virtual PBX, call centers, click-to-call and international numbers such as US international number or other countries.