Are you looking for a cost-effective, flexible phone system that can break down borders between countries? In that case, virtual phone numbers are the solution you need. But, what are virtual phone numbers, how can you use them and how can you get them?


It is a fact that technology is progressing by leaps and bounds, and that’s why many companies are setting aside traditional phone lines to switch to virtual numbering as both internal and external means of communication. The reason is that the benefits of this type of telephony are countless.

What are virtual phone numbers ?

Virtual phone numbers are a vital part of business cloud phone system, they work with Internet connection and they’re mainly used for global communications.

Virtual phone numbers make mobility and communication between countries easier, since it is not necessary to be at a specific geographical point to use the numbering of that area. For example, if we have a Milan numbering, we don’t have to be there to make and receive calls from that numbering, but we can use that numbering from anywhere around the world.

Virtual numberings are a good option for companies whose customers reside in differents countries. Thanks to virtual numbering, businesses can get several landline numbers from differents countries in a much more affordable and simple way.

Who can find virtual phone numbers useful?


Now that we know what virtual phone numbers are, let’s analyse which groups they’re useful for and why :


  • Business


The majority of businesses invest large amounts of money in equipment installation that make their phone lines work. Besides, they pay phone companies a significant amount of money to have some lines reserved for them. However, if they subscribe traditional phone lines, companies have to pay major phone bills and invest resources in the full service maintenance.

When it comes to customer service, companies are using virtual phone numbers and virtual PBX’s solutions more and more. The main benefit of having a virtual number of any country is that it looks like a local number of the country we call, although in reality the company is physically located in a different place, thousands of miles away. Regardless of where you are, for your international customer you will be calling from a number close to their region, which will encourage trust between the customers and the company.

Besides, virtual numbers are perfect to analyse marketing campaigns. Having several virtual numbers and placing each of them in a different mean can help the company measure its effectiveness and know which one has been the most successful by just looking at the call record that they have received.

Therefore, we can confirm that virtual phone numbers are crucial for business with international clients.


  • Freelancers and self-employed people


Freelancers and self-employed people can take advantage of virtual phone numbers too. This kind of system help their current and potential customers, and even your teams members, connect with them, no matter where they are.

The job of freelancers and self-employed people it is not easy. They have to find their audience themselves, be placed on the market, convince their potential customers and, meanwhile, try to maintain a distance between their private and professional lives.

Sometimes, many entrepreneurs rather keep their number private to avoid being disturbed outside office hours. In such circumstances, virtual phone numbers can be very helpful, as they can be carried on mobile phones or computers and receive and make professional calls, always showing the virtual head number.




Main benefits of virtual numbers


  • No hardware or software investment is required


Cloud systems are always an efficient and intelligent option for emerging businesses. Why? Well, basically, because they provide quality features at affordable prices, and besides no hardware investment is required: you only need a device with Internet connection to use them, whether it’s a mobile phone, computer or tablet.


  • Efficiency


Traditionals phones are much more expensive because of the facilities they require and because they need more maintenance than virtual phone systems. Furthermore, they need a physical point to be installed, and if at any time the company needs to change the location for any reason, taking its numbering with her can be a problem.


  • Easy configuration


The system works in the cloud, so it can be set up within a few minutes. Besides, you do not need any technical knowledge. Everything is very intuitive.


  • Remote


A virtual phone system helps you connect and collaborate with your global team as well as with clients residing in any corner of the world. And it provides a local image to the business, so it works to increase brand visibility wherever you have potential customers.

Benefits of having virtual numbers in your virtual PBX


With a virtual phone system, which combines virtual numbers configuration with a virtual PBX, companies can benefit from additional features such as custom main greetings, call recording, voicemails, IVR and much more. If companies choose virtual phone system providers based on WebRTC, like Fonvirtual, they can get the most out of the communication system.


  • Custom main greetings. It allows the configuration of all kinds of messages, in any language, that clients will listen to when they call the company’s virtual landline; like welcome, after hours or holidays messages. Also, you can mix this message with an options menu that distributes calls between different employee extensions.


  • Call recording. Clients call recording can help companies follow employee performance and train the new ones, and to better define the individual and global needs of customers.


  • Voicemail. When there’s no agent available to answer the call or, for example, the client calls after hours, he can leave a message in the voicemail, which the company will receive in Mp3 format via email a few minutes later.


  • IVR. It provides a phone system that distributes calls intelligently and automatically. A system that interacts with callers, collects information and route calls to extensions or corresponding departments at all times.


These are, among many others, the most basic functionalities offered by the Fonvirtual`s virtual PBX, in addition to the opportunity of having one or more national or international fixed virtual headline numbers.


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