The call tracking service is a technology that enables measuring our campaigns or the ROI of our marketing actions through phone numbers which will allow us to analyze the effectiveness of those campaigns or marketing actions. The call tracker service is based in using different virtual phone numbers. One for each campaign or for each medium in which we are performing marketing actions.This way thanks to statistical analysis that we can get from them, we could identify leads or calls they generate and compare them. Furthermore it would allow us to take necessary actions and adjust our action plans.

Call tracking allow us to have the absolute control of our campaigns’ effectiveness, both online and offline.Till now, we could measure the quantity of leads which came through a contact formulaire as an example, or the quantity of visitors in our website that have entered through our adwords campaign, but we couldn’t identify which calls came from each medium. The thing was different in the offline medium, where it was much easier to measure our campaigns’ ROI if we didn’t know how many calls we received of each one of them. For example of a commercial in the newspaper and in a billboard, it was impossible for us to identify which one was more efficient.


virtual phone numbers


Using virtual phone numbers and their statistics reports, we could identify how many call we have received in each number, where they have call from and the geographic area of the calls, missed calls…etc. Endless data that would be useful not only for maintaining our actions’ control but also for improving them.




It is very simple, you only have to sign a contract of virtual phone numbers, that is nothing more than an ordinary  geographic landline phone number which is not associated to any wire on the wall. We could say it is hosted in the cloud and it is based in deviating all received calls to other landlines, mobile or IP networks. You can choose an international phone number for any country you want. Furthermore you could add every type of virtual PBX functionalities that would make your customer service improves and becomes way more professional such as welcome messages, set up schedules, automatic operator…

Once you have a virtual number, you would have access to a control panel where you be able to revise and download any type of statistics report that would provide you every necessary data to check the efficiency of the virtual number.

In order to compare your different campaigns ideally you would add a different number to each one of them. For example a phone number in your website, another one in your advertisements in adwords and another one in facebook advertisements, this way you would know in which medium is better to invest more in for you and which one could improve.

In case you want more information about virtual phone numbers and its call tracking service, you could visit our website and finally convince yourself of its functionality and its advantages. Do not think it more and have a total control of all your campaigns, both online and offline.

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