Digitalisation plays a decisive role in the success of companies. It has become the key that opens the door to a world full of opportunities, but also of challenges. Companies have been forced to transform their means to this digital world in order to “stay in the game”. Renew or die has been the motto of businesses when facing this transformation.

Among the opportunities that favor the management of companies are cloud solutions, in which the virtual office stands out. But, what is a virtual office? 

It is a system that allows you to manage your business communications and achieve maximum performance with the help of a virtual PBX. All this from the cloud, without expensive and bulky equipment, just with a device, whatever it is, and an Internet connection you could have access to this tool. Can you imagine what this would mean for your company? We are talking about being able to connect from anywhere in the world, through a single platform and all with cost savings.

This tool makes it possible to bring efficiency to any type of company thanks to the easy management of its communications, both internal and external, and through any channel. If this system is useful for a standard company, imagine for a company with several lines of business and many branches in different locations.

Opportunities offered by virtual PBXs for multi-brand companies

Managing a multi-brand business can be complicated if it is not done in an organized way. A chaotic management would turn into an absolute inefficiency that could lead to the company’s bankruptcy. To prevent this from happening, there are different ways to facilitate such management.

In the case of communications, the aforementioned virtual PBXs are the ideal system to achieve the desired efficiency. They offer a range of opportunities that will make you not only achieve maximum performance but also substantially improve the user experience of your customers and potential customers.

Division of calls by headquarters and departments

The division of calls received in the virtual PBX between the different offices or departments will be more convenient and efficient for both the company and the customer. In addition, it has a caller ID function through something as simple as configuring a message when the call is picked up so that the agent knows where the call is coming from. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, there’s more.

Registers with detailed information

It also allows access to all the detailed information of the communication made, being able to track the activity of the PBX thanks to the transcriptions, statistics and supervisor panel.

As well as the ability to access transcripts of calls you make or receive at any time, you can also access call recordings whenever you need to so that you don’t miss any important information that may have been missed. There’s no excuse for the absent-minded!


Remote teamwork

The extensions have all the necessary tools to ensure complete communication between collaborators. We are talking about videoconferencing, visibility of status or an internal chat with the possibility of sharing any type of file and much more.

You will be able to transfer calls with the option of being able to give a little background information before putting the call through and the status functionality will allow employees to know whether colleagues are available or not to make the process efficient. As well as calls, live chats and WhatsApps from customers can also be transferred when necessary. In addition, extensions will have buttons to make three-way calls and facilitate interactions between users. 

Custom configurations

Another of the possibilities it offers is to carry out repetitive tasks without the need for human intervention, through Artificial Intelligence automatisms. The system is connected to the company’s systems and a virtual assistant is in charge of managing appointments, freeing employees for tasks that require greater specialization. You can configure schedules according to the company’s activity or by extensions, being able to manage calls differently depending on when they are made. There is also the possibility of configuring different welcome messages, menus or deliveries.

Don’t think twice, this virtual solution is what you are looking for. Do you want to know more? Contact us and find out about our service and our rates. You will discover a wide range of functionalities that you will be able to configure to your preferences and according to your needs.

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