A virtual VoIP phone is the latest trend. It represents a brand new use of IP technology which is becoming part of our daily lives. The responsible of traditional landlines phones’ decadence is the virtual VoIP phone.

VoIP phones


How does a virtual VoIP phone work?

Firstly a VoIP phone seemingly works as a regular phone. It does receive and make calls as an ordinary phone but instead of using traditional channels it uses IP domains on the internet for receiving and making those calls. This is thanks to the technology with which it works: the WebRTC. Therefore it is not necessary to have signal on your mobile phone as long as you are connected to a WIFI. Or another option is to use your cell phone data. Both ways, you would be able to use your  cell phone as a VoIP phone.


This tech enables computers and tablets to be receptors of calls and making them as well. The only thing you need to transform your devices into phones is internet connection. So this is one of the reasons why is such a revolutionary development, enabling any connected device to be used as an ordinary phone. Soon we will think of VoIP phones as part of the ordinary.


A virtual VoIP phone is perceived by others as a regular phone. No one but the owner of the virtual phone would notice the difference between calling to or receiving a call from a device that uses this technology and one that doesn’t. The reason why this is possible is the association of regular phone numbers to IP domains. This allows both parts to communicate although one of the users doesn’t use IP technology.


Furthermore, VoIP phones’ recent and incremental popularity leans on the possibility of avoiding roaming when travelling around the world. Since devices only need to be connected to the internet, IP calls represent an alternative for the pricy fees of the roaming. Just by using a WIFI connection. It is ideal for wanderlusts, exporters or people whose job implies travelling frequently.


On top of that it is an inexpensive way to call or receive calls independently of being or not abroad. It is particularly inexpensive if the device is connected to a WIFI since there wouldn’t be any cost apart from the payment for the service. On the contrary if you use the data of your cell phone you would have to pay the incurred costs of your contract.


As a result of improvements in the original tech, this way of communicating has become a perfect substitutive of traditional phone calls. Prior to this improvements there were some problems with the use of IP phone calls such as latency and the requirement of internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. Now thanks to ultimate developments on this technology all these problems have been solved, making the virtual VoIP phone a reliable alternative of normal phones.


Virtual VoIP phones allow you to get rid of those old landlines terminals with all those wires which are wasting space at your home or office. It’s a sustainable innovation that optimizes the number of devices that we use and how we use them.


Since it offers you the option of having a landline phone number associated to an IP domain, it is finally possible to take your “landline phone” wherever you go thanks to the internet. So many things to thanks the internet for, indeed. A virtual VoIP phone would completely substitute traditional landlines phones on a future basis.


It seems obvious that as cell phones meant a huge change on the way people communicate, a virtual Voip phone is taking over the way we will and we are communicating with each other. Check Fonvirtual.com to know all the advantages of voice over IP and our WebRTC services.




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