Voice Over IP PBX: What is it and what are the advantages?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jun 19

What is Voice Over IP PBX?


The acronym Voice Over IP PBX stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol – Private Automatic Branch Exchange.”

Voice Over IP PBX is also known as virtual PBX, VoIP PBX, PABX IP, or IPBX, which all refer to the Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange

Returning to the definition itself, the Voice Over IP PBX is a much more innovative version of the traditional PBX. Basically, it is a telephone network for businesses that uses a packet-switched network over the internet vs a circuit-switched copper line network during the duration of a call. You can make calls using the internet with VoIP PBX.

Differences Between Voice Over IP PBX and Traditional PBX

Before going over the concept of Voice Over IP PBX, it’s important to understand its differences with traditional PBX phone systems:

  1. While a traditional PBX is analog and works with classic telephone lines, the Voice Over IP PBX works within the Internet
  2. In traditional phone networks, voice is transmitted via copper cable. This can cause noise, static, and connections getting cut during calls. With Voice Over IP PBX, the voice is transmitted over the Internet.
  3. With the help of copper cables and traditional telephone magnets,an analog electrical signal is created. With IP phone networks, the voice of the caller becomes a digitized telephone signal.
  4. With traditional PBX, the analog signal flows from the telephone handset through the copper telephone wire. The Voice Over IP PBX, on the other hand, divides the digital telephone signal into data packets before transmitting it to the recipient over the Internet.




Advantages of Voice Over IP PBX

After discussing some of its differences with traditional PBX, it is evident that Voice Over IP PBX has more benefits. With Voice Over IP PBX, anyone familiar with a computer or smartphone can easily manage their network.

Voice Over IP PBX is a software with a user interface that can be connected to using any web browser. The connection of new callers is done through computer ports with the help of installable softphones, directly on the computer.

However, there’s a new kind of Voice Over IP that Fonvirtual offers companies: WebRTC technology. What are the advantages of this technology?

  • You don’t have to purchase IP telephones. Don’t pay for installation fees or maintenance

The WebRTC telephone network does not require IP telephones, adapters, or any program or software installation. You don’t need to invest in equipment. It is accessible from any browser. It can also be used through an App from your cell phone, desktop, or tablet.

  • Developed by Google

WebRTC is a new technology developed by Google. It is known for its reliability and innovation. It offers HD quality audio, video, and data transmission.

No more traditional PBX issues: echoes, call costs, noise or delays in communication.

  • Hot-desking (teleworking)

You can use the new VoIP phone network, WebRTC, to broadcast and receive calls from anywhere in the world and from any device connected to the Internet (mobile, computer, tablet, and even smart TV).

At any time, a company can decide if it wants to change its office phone line without having to modify their current phone numbers or extensions. It doesn’t matter where the callers are located either. Calls will be sent and received throughout anywhere in the world thanks to the internet.

The virtual PBX of Fonvirtual allows you to enjoy the new WebRTC technology and configure all the functionalities that are needed: welcome messages, interactive voice menu, voicemail, waiting queues, schedule and holiday settings, etc.

You can also access the statistics of calls received in real time. Contact us for more information about our services!

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