The VoIP line allows voice communication between computers in an IP network.  At, IP voice is based on WebRTC technology. The latter has been developed by Google and offers HD quality, without SIP protocol restrictions. It also avoids the cost of equipment purchases and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

It is the ideal solution for those companies that require daily mobility, or for those whose activities are spread around the world. With this solution, companies can receive and make calls from anywhere and the management and access to them will be accessible from any Internet browser.


What is VoIP Line


The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) line uses the Internet Protocol (IP).

It allows voice communication in an Internet IP network or even in a private one. Initially, the VoIP line was based solely on the SIP protocol, but today this protocol has clearly demonstrated its limits. The new WebRTC technology represents a significant reduction in costs and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

IP voice is the basis of unified communication. It simplifies communication exchanges and increases the efficiency of the company’s telephone communication. It does not limit mobility and allows you to obtain a new international phone number from any country and receive it anywhere in the world at no cost.


The beginnings of the VoIP line


The voice is encoded in digital format for transmission over the Internet. It will be decoded at the recipient, allowing the recipient to hear what the sender says.

In addition to audio, IP telephony allows the transmission of video, an important advantage in this type of communication. This solution therefore seems perfect for companies; it allows great mobility and considerable savings in the telecommunications bill.

With WebRTC IP voice you can receive a large number of simultaneous calls and manage all their settings from anywhere with ease. It also provides great flexibility, adapting at all times to the needs of each company and the evolution of technology.

It is an ideal technology for international calls. This multimodal communication offer allows easy voice transmission over long distances without any roaming costs.


VoIP line


The WebRTC technology


WebRTC technology, developed by Google, works in any browser with a 4G Internet connection or wifi. It works on Peer2Peer and does not require any additional tools. No hardware or software investments are needed: simplicity and accessibility are the keywords of this technology.

It offers HD sound quality thanks to its great adaptability to variations in connection quality. It eliminates cuts, echoes and noises. Simplifies communication and therefore trade in general. In addition, as noted above, allows great mobility to its users.


Fonvirtual´s VoIP line


With Fonvirtual’s VoIP line services, you will enjoy unbeatable price offers and high quality service. You can benefit from WebRTC technology and customer support that will meet all needs.

No installation, no financial investment and no purchase in IP phones. You will be able to access all these services anywhere and at any time, from the browser or an app, without SIP Trunks or protocol restrictions.

All devices can be used to connect to this VoIP line: mobile, tablet, computer or smart TV. The services will work as long as you have an Internet connection via 4G or wifi. You’ll also enjoy HD sound quality: no cuts, no noise, no echoes.

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