The VoIP number passes the phone solution audition making a great impression. It is not rare, since the ip number is a phone solution that possesses many talents. It can bring your casting company to the top.

What is a casting company?


Casting companies are in charge of seeking professional actor and anonymous faces as well, for the film industry, tv and advertisement.


The producers and advertising agencies ask for casting services to external companies in every project. The casting company has to find the ideal person, who satisfy the needs and requirements that has been priorly established for the project. Some of these criteria are age, physical aspect, language…etc


Since sometimes the criteria is very extensive or either specific, is necessary to expand the search among the whole country in order to find the idoneous person. Here is where the VoIP number comes to action in order to make the auditions organization easier.


An audition is a sample performance in which experts have the opportunity to test the candidates and evaluate if the person is a good option for the project. For particular projects like big productions or projects that have achieved great popularity, the amount of candidates can be overwhelming. For this reason the VoIP number is fundamental.


The VoIP number is the best option for casting companies when organizing auditions. Not only when they have to face a great amount of candidates but when they are located in different places as well.


The VoIP number is an international phone number that seems ordinary but the way it works isn’t. It is a number hosted in the cloud which routes calls to other phone lines. These other phone lines are indeed hosted in physical devices. These devices can be computers, cell phones or any other device connected to the internet.


It is a phone solution that meets perfectly the casting companies needs. Using a VoIP number for each project that routes incoming calls to the different lines that agents own. Usually the managers of the auditions are in charge of a specific region to make the search more efficient.


voip number


To make the segmentation of calls more efficient following the location criteria, to the region’s agent. The VoIP number allows adding a call branch so this way the candidate who calls will press a number depending on the location where he or she comes from, and the call will be routed to the correspondent agent.


The call branch is not the only feature that the VoIP number can provide your casting company, but many other more. These features add value to the way your company is being managed and it provides its services to producers and agencies.


One of these features is the call recorder, what is particularly useful to this type of business. It is particularly useful since the voice tone is one of the factors to take into consideration for film productions, tv shows or ads. Calls could be reviewed in order to test this aspect with this feature and a VoIP number.

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