Right in The third industrial revolution in which telecommunications are crucial, VoIP phone calls represent a decisive role.

VoIP phone calls substitute traditional phone calls since they use internet, what allows making calls from any connected device. Receiving calls on ta computer or on a tablet is possible thanks to IP domains, as well as receiving them on a cell phone through data. This is particularly useful if you want to reduce the cost of frequently calling from cell phones numbers to landlines phone numbers.

They are efficiently realized since the voice information is divided in small packages and sent through a mobile app or through a computer. Those information packages find the nearest router and they keep trespassing them until they arrive to their final destination, effectively and at the same time. It is a process that remains unnoticed for the user.


Why are VoIP phone calls considered as decisives?

The decisive role played by VoIP phone calls is supported by its two main advantages of flexibility and adaptability that are offered in a global and dynamic environment. Receiving or making calls is possible everywhere around the world since they are made through the internet, eliminating this way geographic barriers. It is ideal for those situations in which the device has no signal but it does have a WIFI net to connect to. Furthermore, it helps saving money by avoiding roaming.

This technology has accomplished great developments in the past recent years guaranteeing this way a better VoIP phone calls functionality, by solving possible inconveniences that took place at the beginning of this tech. Improving voice quality and avoiding interruptions caused by the poor connection are both examples of improvements that have been accomplished. Webrtc technology known as the new voice over IP is the main responsible for these improvements that this type of calls has experienced. Facilitating the use of voice over IP as never before. This leads to an exponential use of this type of calls, that would become the norm in future proof.

Not every VoIP phone calls service offers a perfect substitutive service of traditional phone calls. In many cases, is necessary to have downloaded the app used by the caller in order to receive the call. Apart from that there are services such as Facetime which requires both parts involved to have an iPhone. Others like Skype’s offer mainly differs from other alternatives in the absence of a phone number, using a user name as an identification instead.

The perfect substitute of traditional phone calls within IP calls technology is a service in which outgoing calls are made through internet as well as the reception of incoming calls, despite other parts involved have or not internet connection. If the call is made or received through IP the user does not know. At fonvirtual.com  you could find a service of having an IP line that works as a conventional landline.


It entails a perfect alternative to avoid landlines’ inconveniences. It is especially useful for enterprises in possession of consolidated phone numbers whose businesses have evolved and require ultimate solutions. Since WebRTC technology allows that number’s portability therefore it is possible to keep calling from that number as if you were calling from a traditional landline phone but actually making an IP call.


IP calls are sustainable hence beneficial for the environment by getting rid of a significant number of landlines phone devices  and taking advantage of the multifunctionality that this innovation provides to other devices.
This innovation, VoIP phone calls are going to be fundamental in the development of the way we communicate. Check Fonvirtual.com for more info.