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Publish: Friday, May 17
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VoIP phone services

Having a secure, fast and modern communication network is a great help for companies and people working in this globalized world. This is why IP Technology arises, in particular, VoIP phone services, which refers to the use of digital data (Internet telephony protocol) for data transmission, making calls and conferences in a fast, secure and low-cost way.

This is a new way of exchanging information, especially telephone calls, which were previously made over a public network, which generated high communication costs.

Throughout the following article, you will see how to improve the growth of your company thanks to the use of this technology.


How do VoIP phone services work?


The voice, considered an analogue signal, is converted into digital data packets, through an IP data network, so that they can be sent via the Internet. Thanks to this way of working, the operating costs of this technology are lower than traditional telephony.


Steps to make communication using VoIP phone services:


  1. The user with VoIP phone services dials the telephone number from any device with an Internet connection.


  1. Your technology operator intercepts the digital data and generates the link with the      

           receiver of the call.


  1. The data is converted from analogue to digital format, to allow the exchange of  



As you can see, the way VoIP phone services work is similar to sending an email or any other information over the Internet.

This technology has allowed large companies such as Google and Mozilla to help in the development of new platforms. One of them is the open source protocol called WebRTC, an API with which users can perform the following activities:

  • Voice calls
  • Videoconferencing
  • Share files between people

Another very important advantage of this platform is that you can access it from any device (computer, tablet or mobile) with an Internet connection. This advantage gives its users the ubiquitous ability to communicate from anywhere in the world, just by having a connection to the network and the service of a company with the best communication options.

With the use of a WebRTC application, you will be able to interact with your clients, generating great profits and benefits.

In the following chart, you can see the comparisons, differences and similarities that we can establish between the platforms that use VoIP phone services (WebRTC)  for personal and business communications, versus those that use the SIP Protocol.


The technology used by some IP telephony providers, but with closed access, which raises their costs. It is an open source system, which lowers costs.
t allows users to make video calls, conferences and instant messaging services. You can perform the same activities as with the SIP platform, and also have telephone exchanges in the cloud.
It is necessary to buy expensive additional equipment such as software and IP phones to use this platform. The quality of calls is high definition, regardless of the type of connection.
It offers good quality services, but you must have a good fixed connection to the network. The quality of the calls is high definition, regardless of the type of connection.
The equipment does not allow the creation of contact agendas, generating delays when wanting to call. Gives the possibility to create online contact agendas.


VoIP phone services


It is true that the SIP platform started and revolutionized the IP communications market at the time, but with the creation of the WebRTC, the advances and advantages for users are much greater.

The fact that VoIP phone services, through WebRTC, allow its users to establish HD quality communications from anywhere in the world, through a device with Internet access, without using expensive equipment or software, is a development that evolves the way we communicate.

After having read this article, you only have to contact a virtual telephony agency that offers you the best VoIP phone services for your company.

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