Voip phones are a perfect solution for those businesses which operate outdoors or they are rural companies


In these places there are very bad reception or the phone network signal is weak so sometimes getting in contact through cell phones gets difficult. In fact, people who stay at countryside bungalows, farm homes or meditation retreats hotels they look forward to disconnecting from the office and their stressful jobs.

Voip phones are an alternative since although clients come to disconnect, rural companies need to be available and reachable through the phone for booking management, managing orders to suppliers…etc


Not only rural hospitality companies need a service like this but, other type of businesses like farm schools, agricultural companies, outdoors entertainment or outdoors sports companies and many other businesses which perform their activities in a rural environment need it. The main reason why they need it, is the weakness of the phone signal in the places where they operate.


In addition of the lack of a strong phone reception, there are other reasons why rural companies need alternatives to regular phone devices when performing their activities. For example, in case the owner and the instructor of a kayak rent business is the same person, the owner would be interested in receiving the calls made to the business landline phone when he or she is out in an expedition. For cases like this, the voip phone has been developed in order to be mobile as well.


Voip phone have experienced some changes for being in concordance with the demands and needs of companies like the ones that perform their activities outdoors. There is no need anymore of buying a voip phone special device anymore, now the webRTC tech allow every smartphone to become a voip phone.


Through the use of the WebRTC lines technology designed by Google, it is possible to use any device connected to the internet, either through WIFI or through cell phone data plans can function as a voip phone.


The WebRTC lines provide a landline phone number so this way a professional and serious company image is guaranteed at the same time enjoying all the advantages of having a cell phone is possible. In case of going out to the woods for supervising activities like zip-line, paintball or evaluating if the rice crops are going well it is possible to carry the office with you, thanks to the cell phone internet data plan.


One of the main voip phones advantages for rural companies is the fact that inside the office the phone network is still pretty weak but the WIFI that is installed in it is not, because of this it is possible to have a regular conversation on the phone with a good quality audio and without interruptions through the internet.




For those cases in which rural companies want to enjoy these service inside their offices through wifi, the webRTC technology allows them to transform any connected device into a phone. This is particularly useful since it offers the possibility of answering and making calls with a computer. Furthermore it enables any computer to do so since no software downloads are needed, besides the only thing that is necessary is to log in a platform.


This entails a costs reduction in phone services but without losing a professional and serious company image since no one who calls would ever notice that the call is being onine.


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