As technology evolves, certain technologies you use today will eventually become obsolete. VoIP softphones cannot escape this harsh reality. Say goodbye to VoIP softphones. Times are changing and the new WebRTC solution is here to stay.

So, What is a Softphone?


A VoIP softphone is a software that is used to make calls the same way as making calls with a landline phone. With this tool, you will have to download and install the software to your computer and other devices in order to make a call. You can either make calls to other numbers using the application or to regular landline phones. You can make a call from the app to a computer or from the computer to a separate office.

The goal of a softphone is to be able to communicate wherever you are. This software turns your device into a multimedia phone with image, data and voice capabilities.


What is Required in Order to Use a Softphone?


The first thing you should do is download the software and install it on your device. Give the application permission to access your microphone. Then, access your account by entering your username and password. Now, you can begin making and receiving calls through the app.

The softphone, in addition to being easy to install and use, has a very intuitive and easy to understand interface and a unique virtual keyboard. If you use this application software on your device, it does not prevent you from multitasking with other apps.

VoIP softphones are not difficult to use and are ideal communication options for your business. It helps reduce expenses and allows you to maintain communication with anyone, anywhere.

VoIP Softphones are used for VoIP telephony, but the WebRTC no longer requires downloads and installations. Voice sound quality has also increased.


voip softphones


So, What is WebRTC?


WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication . It is an open-source software created by Google that has significantly improved modern day phone services. Not only does it require fewer expenses, it also uses improved sound quality and does not require downloads.

With the WebRTC, you can make audio and video calls without any additional plug-ins. Therefor, WebRTC acts like a software in which it can share data. However, all you really need for WebRTC is a stable internet connection. By opening up a web browser, you make calls online in real-time with HD audio and sound. By combining WebRTC technology with a virtual PBX, you can also use features such as welcome messages, voice calls, schedules, call forwarding, queuing with music, among others.


What difference exists between VoIP and WebRTC?


The most prominent difference between VoIP and WebRTC is that VoIP uses v channels oz over Wifi / 3G, VoIP over cable / DSL modems and RCS.

On the other hand, the WebRTC is more focused on communications through the use of internet based on a web browser. Consequently, its use is more complete and easier to use.


Advantages of WebRTC


WebRTC telephony has some advantages over VoIP, therefore many companies are using it today. Some advantages consist of the following:


  • WebRTC is accessed through the internet, so it does not depend on one any device or platform. It works with any operating system and uses real-time audio and video. You can connect with another WebRTC device, as well as non WebRTC telephones.
  • Other advantages offered by being browser-based is that it can be easily adapted to any type of network.
  • It allows you to share files, make phone calls, and video conference calls.
  • Audio and video quality is very high. Use a high fidelity audio and video codec. This prevents you from downloading viruses.
  • The WebRTC contains voice and video encryption to prevent spying and voice and video recording. This is called the Secure RTP protocol (SRTP). It is beneficial for those who use open or free WiFi networks.
  • Anyone who has a computer or a mobile device can use it for free. Its purpose is to offer a real-time media engine that is based on free standards, hosted on all web browsers.


As you can see, WebRTC integrates certain features that make communications real-time, totally secure and private. It offers a variety of fairly practical options regardless of the purpose of your company.

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