Due to the uncertain future of the T size plug and of the public commuted phone network, is important to know more about its now famous, successor: the VoIP solutions. 


Why the cable phone system came to an end?


Orange stated the end of the traditional phone network for a simple reason: its obsolescence. Among years, new technologies have made cost reduction possible and unfortunately, the public commuted phone network hasn’t followed the lead. The traditional network technology moment is over, and it has to leave room for its successor from now on the VoIP solutions.


The VoIP solutions


The term Voip is acronymous of Voice over internet protocol. It refers to a telecom protocol dedicated to the internet.  The voice is sent as data through the cloud instead of through copper wires like the old system.


With the RTC out, the VoIP has naturally taken over as the successor, due to its lower costs and its diverse features.


Improved features for a better experience.


VoIP solutions have enabled consumers to take a big step in terms of phone systems. The advantages that it brings to companies are so many.


Among these features we can find:


  • ID caller
  • Outcoming calls from any line for a total mobility.
  • Call recorder for more transparency.
  • Customized voice mail for an unique experience.
  • Sending SMS for more diversity in communications.

VoIP solutions

The VoIP solutions, communications at the best prices.


The VoIP solution that fonvirtual offers is different than other because of its HD calls audio quality and because its calls prices. Fonvirtual is one of the first companies to launch a plan with only one price at an international level. Calling to Tokyo, New York or Dakar at the same price…


First, check our different plans:


  • 1000 minutes webrtc line set: It includes 1000 minutes for outcoming calls to Zone 1 landlines and local cell phones.


  • 2000 minutes webrtc line set: It includes 2000 minutes for outcoming calls to Zone 1 landlines and local cell phones.


  • 3000 minutes webrtc line set: It includes 3000 minutes for outcoming calls to Zone 1 landlines and local cell phones.


Fonvirtual is working now with the WebRTC technology (the upgraded Voice over IP technology). In order to enjoy all the 2.0 VoIP solutions and its advantages and our prices, ask for more information on our website


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