The VoIP systems are one of the greatest TICs developments from these years. Its applications to business are more and more, till the point it has arrived to ski stations already.


Businesses that are in the surroundings of ski stations are many. Ski stations are one of the people’s favourite places to spend their vacations or practising mountain sports. VoIP systems have become a great communication tool for businesses that operate there. Fonvirtual offers you this system which operates with the new WebRTC technology, the upgraded Voice over IP technology.


Companies that perform their activity in the ski stations have to face some peculiarities. They have to face factors such as the climate, the geographic location or the seasonal aspect of this business. These factors affect all the areas of the company from the most important to the simplest thing like the phone line subscription. The WebRTC is indeed a phone solution that overcomes these factors.


Why are the VoIP systems ideal alternatives for ski stations?


As it has been said before, there are many factors that make companies in this location operating differently than others.


The VoIP system is a solution that overcomes the seasonal barrier. Subscribing a phone line for the whole year is over and so does pay it even though the station is closed in summer. With VoIP systems, your landline phone number goes wherever you go. If you own a business for skis rental during the winter but during the summer you work at a surf boards rental store, your landline phone follows you from the mountain to the coast.

VoIP systems

Besides, the mountain location is not idoneous for telecommunications. Frequently due to the height and the abrupt landscape it is not easy to have good signal.  Nowadays thanks to routers and wifi, almost all businesses in ski stations have a good internet connection. Since the WebRTC works through this network, all these interruption and problems of reception will be solved.


Furthermore, it meets the company’s needs. In general, many companies work outdoors as well as indoors, such as a store or an office. For example companies provide ski lessons usually handled bookings and calls inside an office, as well as maintaining and rental the ski material. They may also need to go outside to the snow in order to give the lesson. VoIP systems enable these companies to not miss any call, so they can receive calls in their computers and cell phone through their data plan when they are outside in the ski slopes.


The WebRTC is undoubtedly a telecom tool that makes doing business in ski stations easier. Now more companies will take these new business opportunities.


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