When you were looking for a new phone line for your company, it is possible you have heard something about the VoIP telephony, but do you know what it really is? Even if you do not realize it, you probably have already used it. It is all about the phone calls you do via the Internet. So if you have ever made a call using Skype or Whatsapp you probably know exactly how it works. However, those apps are good for your personal use, but using it at your business might seem unprofessional. And you are completely right. But, you can still take advantage of the VoIP telephony at your business.


What is VoIP telephony

The VoIP telephony is all about a new communication system based on the VoIP technology. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it transforms the voice into data packages and sends it through the Internet.

The fact that it works via the Internet makes possible to do phone calls for free, however only between two individuals who have the same type of app, so it is not something businesses can actually use. But, the VoIP telephony is much more than that, and you can get a new number stored in the cloud (or if you wish so, you can port your old number). This way you can use the VoIP technology in your business and make and receive VoIP calls from any client, no matter which type of telephony they use. That solution brings a lot of benefits to the enterprise, but it also has some disadvantages. Let us take a look at them.


Advantages of VoIP telephony

  • Price. The main advantage of the VoIP is its low cost comparing to the traditional lines. Being stored in the cloud allows reducing costs of outbound calls, and it does not require any additional investment. You neither need installing any hardware no spending your money on the maintenance, no matter if you want to get a regular phone number or want to have a PBX.
  • International image. VoIP telephony allows you to expand your business outside the borders of your country by getting an international number. You can get a number from different countries without having a physical office there.  Your international clients will not know whether you use a virtual number. It helps you to create an image of a multinational company at the same time your foreign customers will think about you as a local.
  • Features. Something that traditional telephony cannot offer is the possibility of adding to your phone line some features that will help you in your business activity. To mention some of them, custom main greetings, schedules, call distribution, call recording, statistics, and many others.



Disadvantages of VoIP telephony

  • Low quality. If you have ever made a virtual phone call, you know what do we mean. Metallic voices, interruptions or delays are day-to-day of VoIP telephony. Especially if you are doing several phone calls at the same time or you use the Internet for other things that need a good connection, like watching videos.
  • You need a special device. To use it, you will have to buy an expensive IP phone, and even you can easily move it from one desk to another, it does not allow you total mobility. You could buy a softphone to answer your calls outside the office, but it is just another expense for you.
  • You cannot use it during the power cut. Power cut is something that could happen, and it is not always up to use to anticipate it. At the moment we are out of electricity, and we lose our Internet connection we will not be able to answer any phone from our clients.


How can we overcome those disadvantages?

The answer is easy: WebRTC. WebRTC is an open-source project developed by Google, and we could call it the evolution of VoIP telephony. Besides having the same advantages, it also solves the problems we have mentioned.

It provides HD quality, so you do not have to worry about interruptions or delays. It adapts to your Internet signal, so even if you have a weak connection you can still enjoy the high-quality.

It also does not require buying any additional device. You can use it with your computer, cell phone or tablet. And you do not need to install any apps since you will have access to it from your browser.

And if you are out of electricity, you do not have to worry about anything. We will forward your calls to your cell phone for free. Currently, WebRTC, the newest VoIP telephony, is the best solution for business communication. Discover more about it on our website and if you need any further information, just contact us. We will be glad to solve any of your doubts.

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