Currently, technology is developing continuously and gaining importance in mostly all sectors of the society. Companies have to be ready to adapt to this technology in order to keep being competitive. There are some useful services, such as the virtual PABX which can help to automate the customer service of a company.

Automation is part of the big company since last century, but the customer service have been always left in a second place due to the difficult task involved in facing customer questions and concerns that oftenly are unpredictable.

Nowadays, customer service has become a priority strategic process to try to satisfy and retain the users, increasing sales in the short and large term. Thanks to automation, we can be closer to the client , while we can focus in other issues of our business, becoming more efficient and productive.

How can I automate my customer service with the PABX?

There are many tasks you can automate in your business. All of them will increase the value that you give to your consumers and improve their experience. Such as, faster access to valuable information, an improvement in post-sales processes and more efficiency in your agents actions.

In Fonvirtual, we want to share with you 5 ways in which automation can help your business take advantage of your virtual PBX and improve the attention that you provide to your customers:

  1. Management of appointments:

Request an appointment could be boring for our clients. The use of a self-management system that coordinates the calls will simplify this task.

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response), enables distributing incoming calls among different departments. Our clients will only have to press the key that corresponds to the option that best suits the purpose of his or her call. (1 for reservations, 2 for cancellations…) This way is simpler for the caller and more efficient for the company.

2. Tickets and transports reservations:

The tickets reservation can also be automate  with the IVR. Been able as well to include

reminders of schedules or information such as delays or cancellations.

It is also possible to include custom main greetings to indicate that there aren’t available tickets. This would make our customer a quick reception of useful information without having to wait to be attended. Also our agents will have more time to spend with more difficult issues.

3. Suggestions and complains:

Your clients can come up with unpredictable suggestions, concerns and claims. This could lead to a loss of your agents time.

Through a voicemail users could leave all their messages and after operators could study them and find a solution. The agent will have more time to spend in other issues of their work and the client will spend less time at the phone.

To make this work is important that the customer feel comfortable with the automatic system. So the system must automatically generate a code that relates the message to the client.

4. Satisfaction surveys:

Is very important to know what customer think of products and  purchase experience for every enterprises. That’s why companies must use satisfaction surveys. This surveys will give information about how the client perceive the product, the agent or the company.

With the information that you collect with this surveys you will be able to make actions to improve the things that aren’t working as good as they should be. In order to achieve a better management of customer service in the future.


5. Active all the day and everyday:

When a customer contacts an enterprise the last thing that they want is to feel ignored. This could be because of the impossibility of talking with an agent. There are many reasons why we can’t attend a call. Maybe we are saturated with customers, we are on vacation or we simply have to leave the office for a few hours.

With a PABX service we can set different schedules, call queuing with music and we can also add a message that indicates the moment in which they should call.

It seems a dream…

From Fonvirtual we assure you that it is real. With Virtual PABX services, you would have all this features to give the best customer service to your client.

Every business is special. That’s why you should customize your PABX the way that best suits your business needs.

It seems expensive…

False. Fonvirtual is considered as one of the best hosted PABX providers and with a very competitive prize. You will pay a fix charge without perceiving abusive supplements. No more surprises. Contact us and check for yourself.

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