In all areas, technology now plays a major role, has become the main element, responsible for the change. This is particularly the case in telecommunications, for example. These have developed thanks to the technological evolution that advances day by day by leaps and bounds, and which has also made unattainable elements now available to all. How are the means used for telecommunications today? How are they different from those used until a few years ago? How has IP WebRTC telephony revolutionized business communications? Let´s see the answers to all these questions and inquire about  the Webcall service.


What is WebRTC IP Telephony?


Imagine that you can use your computer, telephone or any other device you normally use, with an Internet connection, to receive or make telephone calls from or to different destinations without having to buy anything. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Now it is possible to receive or make calls from anywhere in the world, simply by being connected to any device with an Internet connection. In fact, this system has existed for years, but few companies know of its existence, much less use it.

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is the technology developed by Google that has changed the model of business communications. This technology allows voice, audio or text data to be sent through any device that allows connection to the Internet.

For telecommunications, having this technology means that companies no longer need to install anything to establish internal or external communications. Simply a device connected to the Internet and you will have access to your company’s virtual PBX or call center software.


What is Webcall?


Webcall refers to calls on the web, through which voice is transmitted through the evolution of IP voice, the WebRTC.

Simply put, it’s about making or receiving calls over the Internet, rather than over a fixed line or a mobile network. The WebRTC VoIP system works by converting your analogue voice signals into digital signals and sending them to your broadband line.

Web calls have made it possible to cross borders, cross distances, save time and improve the performance of international companies. Since its inception, all companies have rushed to make this service available to users.




Webcall and its advantages


Fonvirtual’s innovative web calling service is a professional solution that will allow you to offer an efficient service to customers and visitors, with HD quality.

What seemed impossible some time ago has become possible today. From now on, you can provide your customers with an easy, fast and free means of contact thanks to the click to call button that will put your customer service in touch with a single click.

While the user is browsing the web, will have the ability to contact the company at any time, to resolve doubts, make instant purchases, etc..

The satisfaction of the users must be an absolute priority for any company that is in the network. Therefore, it is essential that they are offered means of contact fast and easy to use.

The company’s goal in terms of customer interactions is to build loyalty. There is no better way to do this than to offer quality products and services and to provide customers with fast and efficient customer service.

The WebRTC technology offered by Fonvirtual allows companies present on the network to offer not only the innovative Webcall service to all users but also a multitude of other products for the reception and issuance of professional telephone calls.

Discover all our corporate telephony services: Webcall, virtual PBX, international phone number, call center software,… Do not hesitate to contact us!


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