WebRTC is a real-time communication tool supported by big browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The WebRTC allows making video calls and document sharing.  Big companies have noticed the WebRTC advancement that has been going through in the past 5 years. The Microsoft Edge browser has released early API supported WebRTC. Microsoft’s goal is to port and optimize WebRTC for its applications so that they can be adapted to different devices like Xbox or Windows Phone.

It’s important to mention that WebRTC enables creating different applications which can be used for voice and video communication. The reason why Microsoft works towards synchronizing its applications via this protocol is to achieve a connection between all its devices.

Soon there will be applications which will allow video calls from any Microsoft device. These changes will bring a lot of advantages to Xbox users, especially with the eSports development.

Google ChrWebRTC advancementome could transform into a video game console

When Google Chrome announced its plan to adopt the WebRTC protocol, many were doubting this step. The WebRTC protocol helps to establish a real time communication between users and also allows picture and video transmission. This progress will probably have a huge impact on the video games sector since it will be possible to connect the computer with different peripherals like controllers, webcams or microphones. This will enable online games and video game streaming.
At the moment, the Google browser is quite relevant in the world of video games. This is due to the fact that there are video games sections in the Chrome app store and the Google social networks too.


Let’s focus on the game


Adopting the WebRTC protocol will make it unnecessary to install plugins in Google Chrome with peripherals like controllers, cameras and microphones. Google’s intention is to make the interaction between two gamers easy – by simply using controllers.

These changes will transform the teams into video consoles with a graphic memory. At the moment, Google Chrome has more than 200 millions of users and the company is constantly working on improvements, which increases its security and advantages – no matter from what device it is accessed.

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