The rapid development of technology in the telecommunications field and the high rate of competitiveness in the market make customer service a world in constant change, due to the requirements and demands of consumers. This reality makes companies acquire the best technological tools to achieve customer loyalty and the continuous attraction of new consumers. We’re going to dig into WebRTC Business Communication.

Can a company offer a fast, efficient and simple service without increasing its costs? Of course it can. In the evolution of technological tools applied to telecommunications, is the WebRTC, which has quickly become the new standard used by companies as a means of customer service.

WebRTC Business Communication facilitates the development of applications and services that are easy for users to access. It also completely revolutionizes business communications, generating the conditions for their positioning in the market. According to some experts, the WebRTC is part of a technological revolution. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about this tool and why it is crucial to the success of your business.


What is the WebRTC?


Web Real Time Communication or WebRTC is an open source software that allows web browsers to transmit in real time voice, video and Application Sharing without plug-ins through a Javascript API.

This tool – promoted by Google, Mozilla and others – allows the development of various applications and services to enhance business communications of different types of companies regardless of the service they offer.

At the same time, it allows faster, direct and fluid communication with customers through the network, without the need to download plugins or additional programs. It offers you the solution of transforming business-client communications generating a better contextualized communicational experience (tracking and collecting user data).

Additionally, it facilitates the construction of communicational applications in real time without requiring knowledge of telecommunications protocols (VoIP) or networks. It also improves high-level business communications, making it possible to make multi-conferences through a link, without having to install anything and with compatibility guaranteed by the browser.

WebRTC business communication facilitates customer contact through the web and social networks. It also favours direct contact between users through the company’s web page by voice or video from their browser, avoiding the need to change the communication channel and making the customer’s experience more pleasant.


Get to know the WebRTC business communication functionalities


WebRTC can be combined with other services of your company, such as PBX or call center software, increasing its functionality with options such as:

  • Voiceovers
  • Options Menu
  • Call recording
  • Schedules
  • Call Forwarding
  • Waiting queues
  • Voicemail
  • Caller identification
  • Statistics
  • Show your number when calling
  • Diversion without limit of minutes
  • Filtered by origin
  • White or black lists


WebRTC Business Communication


Advantages of WebRTC Business Communication


# Excellent quality

– Provides HD voice quality

– Modulate the voice according to your coverage

– It’s Google technology

# Flexibility

– You can use it on your mobile, laptop or tablet according to your availability and comfort.

# No investment

– No investment in special software equipment required

– No license required (Opus and VP8)

The WebRTC, for its installation, only requires: A web browser that supports WebRTC technology and permission to access the webcam, microphone and speaker of the laptop or computer.

# Online Interface

With the WebRTC you can access an online interface on your computer or you can download a free application, to create your agenda, or monitor the statistics of your calls.

Companies can benefit from this service to improve performance and their telecommunications system, offering countless advantages to both workers, managers, bosses …, and customers.

In Fonvirtual we inform you about this technology, and we advise you on the service that best suits your company.