Digital nomads are an evolution of our specie that is more and more frequent among our society. Digital nomads are people who enjoy travelling without disregarding their career. Nowadays it is possible to work and travel the world at the same time thanks to technology and Webrtc phone lines.

What kind of person is a digital nomad?

They are people who wants to have the world at their feet and they are also adventurous, curious, responsibles, sensibles and independents. They usually are people who don´t fear the acknowledged, and they have a great curiosity about their surrounding environment. Digital nomads have a very strong feeling of responsibility of not putting aside their professional life or career.

Digital nomads are ambitious people, who believe that everything they ever wanted is possible and take advantage of tech and other available tools to make that happen.

They are people who are totally dependent on the internet and everything digital, and they use this to make their living. They use internet to book their flights and other transports, or accomodation or any type of information about their destination. Therefore digital nomads always carry digital devices such as their laptop,tablets,smartphones or storage devices in their suitcases.


WEBRTC digital nomad


It is important to highlight that a digital nomad is not a backpacker. Even though both groups shared the passion of travelling and discovering the world, the way they do it and their life’s philosophy are completely different. Backpackers usually travel adventurously without worries. They often don’t carry any more luggage than what is necessary to survive and continuously improvising while digital nomads are more methodical and organized.

Digital nomads are not on a vacation trip but working in different places around the world. The digital nomad doesn’t have prejudices and it adjust itself to all types of accommodation from luxury hotels to very basic accomodation.

In order to make your life change possible and becoming a digital nomad, it is necessary to have a job that you are able to do as teleworking. It means that you only need an internet connection and being available to do your job. This is becoming usual and many jobs like community managers, photographers, writers, journalists, video editors, translators or copywriters are compatible with this lifestyle

Until now many jobs weren’t compatible with this new trend of lifestyles as well as being an entrepreneur. Now as an authentic digital nomad is time to take advantage of recent tech innovations in order to enjoy life as we want to. Due to this, the WebRTC is a specially useful tool for adjusting your way of making a living to the life you actually want to live.


What are WebRTC phone lines?

digital nomad webrt


WebRTC is an open code software developed by Google which allows making video calls, voice calls and sharing files with other browsers.

WebRTC phone lines doesn’t need any programs installation or any investment in equipment. It only needs a device with an internet connection and headphones.

Now being an entrepreneur and a digital nomad is possible without disregarding your business. You could answer the calls made to your business contact phone number  from any device as long as it is connected to internet thanks to the WebRTC phone lines.

WebRTC phone lines works through IP lines, what wouldn’t generate any roaming overcosts. This is particularly important for digital nomads. Furthermore it doesn’t need the phone network signal or fiber optic cables for maintaining the call good quality audio.

The problems caused by the IP lines until now, have been solved thanks to this Google innovation. Some of these problems were the bad audio quality or conversations being interrupted. Right now is possible to handle your business calls thanks to the beach restaurant’s Wifi in the Phi Phi islands, while your clients or providers assume that you are answering the phone from an office in the financial district of any major city. The WebRTC phone lines gives you the opportunity of keeping it professional and being a digital nomad.

In case you have already decided you want a life change and enjoying the world and all its possibilities and you have seen  WebRTC phone lines as the perfect solution to make that happen, check

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