Air transport is continuously increasing. In 2016, 3696 million passengers chose aircraft as their transport mode. Air transport represents a safe and fast alternative in comparison with other modes of transportation.  It is proved that aircraft is the safest transportation mode and therefore more and more people are leaving behind their fear to fly. More and more people need to work while travelling, and in this article, we present you a great solution for that: WebRTC phone systems.


The main advantage of aircrafts is not security or neither speed but its scope. Air transport allows to travel anywhere in the world and this is the reason why its price usually is higher than other transport modes. In spite of these advantages, the aircraft also entails a series of inconveniences such as weather dependency, cost and being uncommunicated during the flight.


Besides recent improvements and a wider offer of communication possibilities in airports and aircrafts, the general offer is very limited still. We often associate travelling in aircrafts with vacation but actually a great percentage of passengers who usually takes flights for business purposes. In the global environment in which companies operate it is necessary to be in continuous movement and people circulation all around the globe. These flight journeys for business reasons are not limited to national flights anymore but entrepreneurs usually have to spend long hours duration flights in order to close business deals.


In order to close these commercial transactions, communication between both parts is quite important and because of this, the company’s’ legal representant travels to meet with the other commercial relationship side. Due to this, it is essential to be available during the days and hours prior to the meeting, and this often can get tricky because of long hours of flight being uncommunicated. Although now is allow to use digital devices and cellphones during the flight journey, the aeroplane mode disables the phone network.


This is where WebRTC phone systems come in. WebRTC is the name of the new technology developed by Google, which enables to be available 24/7 in spite of the fact you are 12000 meters up to earth.


How does the WebRTC phone systems function to make this possible?


The WebRTC is an open code software developed by Google which enables voice calls through browsers. It is known as the new Ip technology and the only thing it needs to receive and make voice calls is a connection to the internet.


Since it only requires a connection to the internet so calls are not made through the phone network it is possible to receive and make calls from any device. Because most airlines have recently incorporated WIFI connection on their aircrafts now is possible to be available during the flight journey hours.


With the use of the WebRTC phone systems, you would be flexible to move without losing contact with your clients, providers or any other business partner. The internet connected device from which you would enter the platform,  would turn into a telephone.


WebRTC phone systems actually are like ordinary phone lines, but with the difference of being a line that works through the internet rather than through the phone network. This the reason why anyone who calls your business phone number would believe his or her call is being handled in the usual way, through a landline phone in an office instead of on a laptop or smartphone in an aircraft at 39370,079 feet up to earth via WIFI.


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