Telephone marketing or telemarketing englobes every marketing action made by
outcoming calls with the purpose of arrange a meeting, evaluate potential business
opportunities, increase the number of people who visit sales points and incoming calls
treatment with the purpose of client support and engagement.
This type of marketing can be analyzed in two different axis: incoming calls treatment and
the set of actions made in outcoming calls. The treatment of incoming calls purpose is to
inform the client, work on the engagement and eventually manage complaints. The actions
made during outcoming calls, which are the base of telemarketing, are useful to inform
about the launch of a new product, selling new products or just evaluate business

The development of the marketing strategy is a very important stage for commercial
development and prospective actions. It requires expertise and specific tools related to
The telemarketing model allows to considerably boost campaign impacts in comparison with
other communication channels such as emailing. Combining this with other methods impacts
are even more important, and professionals agreed that telemarketing multiples times 12
mailing campaign outcomes. Besides it is need to take into consideration that the success
is conditioned by the seller and how convincing he or she sounds.

The WebRTC phone line for a functional work stand.
The WebRTC is an open code software developed by Google. You will only need to log in a
website through your browser and you could use a landline phone network with HD quality.
The WebRTC phone line is the most used tool for manage incoming and outcoming calls.
Transforming a computer into a phone has never been this simple. There is no need of new
phones, wires or installation. Just a browser would enables you making and receiving calls.
Call tracker, voicemail, call recording or SMS are many of the functionalities WebRTC lines

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