In physics, maths and genetics fields many scientists leave their labs behind to run their own business. Start up is a word that refers to these types of business which are not as traditional businesses. Inform about WebRTC test systems and discover the advantages it brings to your company for yourself.


Steve Bank defines a startup as “ A temporary organization in search of a business model that allows an exponential growth”.


After the huge trend of Startups related to numbers, the new startups favourite field is science where initial investments are much higher than in tech companies. Fonvirtual is aware of the cost of launching a startup and because of this it gives phone systems solutions to help those young entrepreneur to succeed.


A virtual PBX for a top Startup


An IP virtual PBX is a very useful tool to set up a business. It is the perfect solution to manage calls more efficiently.


webrtc test systems

You get all the benefits of having a regular PBX but without the inconveniences of having wires around. In Fonvirtual we know how important mobility is for a young entrepreneur so that’s what we offer: virtual PBX.


Thanks to phone lines hosted in the cloud, that work thanks to IP technology, we ensure complete mobility. You will be available wherever you are,  no matter what time it is, with the only requirement of having an internet connection.


It gives the image of a serious and professional image with a Fonvirtual IP virtual PBX. You will be able to receive calls and connect to your webRTC line from any device. You will be able to enjoy PBX features as well if you combine the webRTC extension with a virtual PBX service. Some of these features are:


  • Welcome message
  • Call branch
  • Schedules
  • White and black lists.
  • Voice mail
  • Call ID
  • Statistics


And many more.


Do not think it twice and jump into the great adventure of WebRTC test systems. Find out more information in our website or contact us in this email address


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