The term “unified communications” is becoming part of the everyday life not only in big corporations but also in small and medium-sized enterprises. It is probably even more common in the world of telecommunications. Let’s see what it is about and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

unified communications

What are unified communications?

Unified communications are not a particular service or product – it is a combination of functional elements which make the communication process between individuals, groups and companies more flexible. Imagine making audio conferences, sending and receiving fax or sharing information at the same time – only on one device!
One of the biggest advantages of unified telecommunications is that the final user is the one in charge of everything. They can anytime access any desired information and can also contact whomever they wish to just simply using their own smartphone, tablet or computer. In short, unified communications enable multiple communication channel coordination by adding value to existing technologies like VoIP, switchboards, etc.
Let’s see how unified communications influence customers and the suppliers.
Customer or final user (business) point of view:

  1. Companies considerably increase their productivity.
  2. Decreased costs of paper, phone line and Internet connection invoices, business travels and their expenses.
  3. Improves the collaboration between companies or groups of enterprises.
  4. Access to information from anywhere.
  5. Time and space savings.
  6. Maximum flexibility.
  7. Real-time contact with clients.
  8. No maintenance costs, unlike with physical switchboards.


Usually, company employees deal with an infinite number of documents in paper forms, photocopies, fax, emails, voicemails etc….the excessive information requires having a computer in order to be able to manage everything.

Service supplier point of view (telecommunications enterprises):

  • In first place, to stand out, it is important to incorporate the use of technology, which will be easy to use for the final user.
  • Needs to have an infrastructure with client access so that they can make any desired modifications whenever they need to.
  • Capacity for technology. The supplier not only helps with the incorporation but they also have to provide quality service in all aspects.

In conclusion, unified communications offer a wide range of options. All of them are here to help facilitate the communication and make our life easier. They help us benefit from the devices that the technology provides us. Why are you still hesitating to try it?

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