We show you the different functionalities of Caller ID and how it can be useful for us.

What is it?

Caller ID is a feature that can be very useful when managing incoming calls in our business. Thanks to this, we can know the origin of a call, which allows us to anticipate and give an appropriate response.

Identification helps to trace the calling number and to obtain information that may be relevant to the caller. This information can come from recognizing the number that is calling you, to knowing the keys it has dialed on the options menu, for example.

Caller ID can be essential if your business receives a lot of calls. The more call traffic we have, the more important it is to save time and to optimize the reception of calls.

The main advantage is that it gives us the power to anticipate so we do not have to waste time in handling calls. By having information about each incoming call, we can perform a more efficient distribution, and it won’t be necessary to answer the call first to know how to manage it.


Characteristics of Caller ID

We can distinguish the following elements:

Caller recognition

We can say that this is the basic functionality of identification. If we have one or more contact lists on our PBX, identification may allow us to identify the name of the person or the company that is calling.

Identification of the country of origin of the call

Call identification is able to indicate the country where the call comes. This will help us to know in which language to answer the call mainly. If we have this information in advance, the call will automatically be transferred to the agent who can answer it in the corresponding language.

On the other hand, if our activity is international and our company has several numbers with different prefixes, the identification can also allow us to know which number has been called.

Setting up a mask number

This feature is very useful if we need our agents not to see the number which is calling the company. It consists of assigning the same specific number to all incoming calls. This way, agents will still have information about the call but they will not know the specific number that called.

Tracking of call data

Caller ID allows you to keep track all calls received by the business.

If we have an option menu, Caller ID will allow us to see which digits the caller has pressed. This way we will know whether the person who called is a customer or not, what exactly they need and which agent they should contact to.

With all this information, you will be able to have a history of calls received and have an overview when you access reports and statistics.

How to send information to the agent

There are several options for identification. You can display the information on the interface of our PBX software or we can include a speech that the agent will listen to before taking the call. He will then know which option the caller has chosen and will be able to respond appropriately.

For example, if the person who called is a customer and he pressed the “fix payment problem” key, the agent could listen to “Client, Administration”. This service can be very useful because it speeds up the process of answering the call, and it can be personalized in the most suitable way possible.

In short, the added value of a Caller ID solution for your business is undeniable and translates into the time and money we can save in our business. Fonvirtual encourages you to contact us if you need more information about this service. We will then be able to help you and offer you personalized solutions tailored to your needs and those of your business.

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