An online call center software needs a CTI, otherwise known as computer telephony integration, in order to manage phone calls online through a computer.


What is the Role of the CTI in an Online Call Center Software?


A CTI is dedicated to managing calls received by a computer. It automates the entire process of receiving phone calls. This includes calls from external customers and internal staff.


Basically, a CTI (Computer Technology Integration) is a computer software that allows the interaction between a phone call and a computer.


With a tool like this, companies are guaranteed good telephone call services with their customers. Working from a computer is now a necessity. So, why not receive calls also from your computer?


What are the Advantages of the CTI in a Call Center?


Thanks to the CTI, workers can now provide effective customer service support through the computer.


With this online call center software, collaboration among employees becomes much more fluid since they now have immediate access to their customer records. This improves the efficiency of the commercial agents and the administration of the company. Thanks to the CTI, commercial activity and customer management become more professional and effective.



Online call center software



What to take into account to choose an online call center software?


There is hundreds of online call center software out there. However, when you choose one, you should ensure that it has some of the following characteristics:


  • It allows you to receive calls from your computer
  • It works with WebRTC, so you do not have to download anything
  • A simple user interface
  • Automation and intelligence in the management of incoming calls
  • No agent limitations
  • Call history and telephone recordings
  • Agent performance analysis and statistics


The Fonvirtual Online Call Center Software


In the market, you will find many different online call center software offers, but Fonvirtual is the best. Its software for call centers focuses on three key aspects: accessibility, customer service using a ACD cloud system, and agents can be located anywhere.


1) Unlimited access 


Whether you want to call someone locally or internationally, you will always have access to the Fonvirtual call center platform.You can make calls from anywhere in the world, at no extra costs.


2) An ACD cloud service


With the Fonvirtual call center software, enjoy your ACD cloud service. It guarantees an the management of all of your calls. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology allows all calls to be directed to the right person as soon as possible.


3) Online Call Center Software Agents Available from Anywhere


Thanks to WebRTC, any Fonvirtual online call center software agent can connect by phone or from the computer. Also, they can make and receive calls anywhere. By being connected online, Fonvirtual call center agents will be available to make and receive calls at any time and from any place.


Do you want to know more benefits of Fonvirtual services? Visit our website!

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