Today, in the Fonvirtual’s blog, we want to tell you about CTI integrations (Computer Telephony Integration), or, in other words, the integration of a company’s telephone systems with its computer management systems. The most typical example would be the integration with the CRM.


Concept of CTI integration


CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a technology that emerged in response to the companies’ need to integrate telephone systems with computer systems. 

As the technology has developed, it has gone from a Call Center system of manual dialing of telephone numbers, where it was not even possible to check who the caller was, to different Call Center Software that allows thousands of different functionalities.

CTI technology came into play, making the task easier for the company’s agents, becoming an essential tool for achieving the maximum productivity, and above all, increasing the quality of customer service.


Main advantages of CTI integration


From the previous section we can mistakenly think that CTI technology, being linked to Call Centre activity, will only be useful in the case of companies which receive an enormous amount of telephone calls. However, this tool is beneficial for all types of enterprises. The main benefits of CTI integration are the following:

  • Informative pop-up window

The agent will receive a pop-up window on their desktop with the customer’s phone number. They will also be able to answer the call just by clicking on that window. Before this click, and thanks to the recognition of the client’s number, the client’s file from the CRM will automatically open.

This is probably the most interesting thing. In the agent’s CRM window, the file associated with the customer who has that number of the incoming call will automatically appear, which ensures a top quality and personalized customer service experience, allowing you to save time.

  • Contact any customer with just one click

Even from the CRM itself, the agent can select the customer, associate or supplier files, select the person he or she wishes to contact, and contact them directly by clicking on a call button.

The call will be transferred to our Call Center system so everything will be recorded accurately since we will also have at our disposal all the information about the person being contacted, being able to make additional notes or simple modifications quickly.

  • Contact Center 

The Contact Center is the area of the company that manages all communications established with customers. A Contact Center can also be defined as the enhanced version of a Call Center, since it includes new communication channels besides voice, both internal and external, such as email, chat, social networks and even WhatsApp.  

Thanks to the CTI integration, it is directly related to the CRM software, and then, it can be used to coordinate and effectively monitor all contact files.

This evolution is also a challenge for Contact Center providers, as they are forced to provide a quality service for all types of communication channels they offer.


What are customers looking for?


The level of exigence of customers has increased considerably with the development of the Internet. Ever since having infinite options when choosing a service or product, it is necessary for the enterprise to prove that they are different. 

The best way to distinguish ourselves is by providing good customer service in which the customer feels safe, comfortable, and served. 




In short, while deciding whether to invest in a product or service, the customer will not only value the quality the service, but also the quality of:

  • Rapid responses to his/her questions
  • Personalized treatments
  • Receiving information on services from the agent
  • Maintained conversation flow
  • Resolution within the first interaction


Offer your callers the best personalized experience thanks to CTI integration with your database. 


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