WhatsApp has recently become one of the most highly rated apps around the world. In just Spain alone, the number of registered users on WhatsApp is now over 25 million. Because of this, businesses that are looking to adapt to their customer’s lifestyle have also looked into participating on WhatsApp. Some larger firms have adopted this form of communication as one of their main ways to communicate with potential clients or customers.

WhatsApp offers a world of possibilities for businesses, such as improving proximity to the customer, communication effectiveness, segmentation, and more. WhatsApp Business API is one of the best options for large companies that receive a large amount of calls daily. Not only that, but it is also possible for businesses to integrate all forms of communication with a single tool, thanks to Fonvirtual’s WhatsApp Business API. This tool can be integrated with your virtual PBX or call center software.


What is a WhatsApp Business API?


WhatsApp Business API is WhatsApp’s Application Programming Interface (API), integrable with other systems or applications in order to maintain chat conversations with customers around the world.

We must distinguish this service from the so-called “WhatsApp for Business”, which isn’t necessarily a bad option, but it often presents some problems when using it as a communication channel between a business and a customer.

On the other hand, Whatsapp for Business works as an independent tool compared to other business communication channels, while the Fonvirtual’s Whatsapp API service is integrated with the virtual PBX. This allows businesses to unify communication with clients into a single tool and combine all reports.

Another great feature of WhatsApp API is that all agents can manage communication simultaneously. This is not possible with Whatsapp for Business, since the app would be installed on a single physical device and therefore only one person can attend to the messages at a time.

Just so you don’t miss a single detail, we leave you here with this infographic about Fonvirtual’s WhatsApp Business API service. We hope you like it!





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