PBX hosting, also known as a Private Branch Exchange, is a phone network hosted through a PSTN or an internet service. These internet services include IP PBX or VoIP. This manages internal and external calls independently. This type of service is normally deployed in business settings.

Once you are familiar with the meaning of PBX hosting, it is easier to understand what a PBX is. A PBX permits the administration and management of telephone system within a private company. All entry, distribution and exiting calls are managed within the telephone network.

The main advantage of a VoIP phone system is its internet use. It connects to the internet either through LAN or WAN networks to carry out calls. Therefore, voice passing through the phone is digitized and then transmitted through the internet as packets of digital data.

When using a virtual PBX system, you can use softphones, IP phones, or conventional landlines. This, however, would also depend on the manufacturer. With this system, calls have the same performance as traditional phones but with updated and enhanced features.


Characteristics of PBX

As technology advances, new features are added with it. PBX hosting allows your company to work in a more efficient environment. Communications are also centralized and can work globally since you can connect to calls anywhere, thanks to the internet. A virtual PBX is completely ubiquitous. Here are some of the best features of PBX hosting:


  • Automatic operator. As one of the main features, calls can be organized with flexibility. You can contact different extensions, record voicemail messages and more all through selected menu options. This gives your company a more established and professional image.


  • Call forwarding. Now that you can access your business calls on any mobile device or computer, this classic phone system now has greater value. You can forward calls to any extension, no matter where they are located. Extensions now move anywhere with us.


  • Callers on Hold This features allows callers to wait in a queue so you several people can call in at the same time.


  • Video Calls. For some companies, this is now an essential feature. You can video conference with two or more people at the same time.


  • Automatic call routing. Those who have used automatic call routing have saved a significant amount of time and money. This is thanks to VoIP and virtual PBX solutions.


PBX hosting



How a PBX telephone system works



With PBX hosting, there is no need for physical equipment or additional cabling. A virtual PBX is used by businesses to facilitate communications between all people inside and outside of the office. The following explains each function of all PBX systems and its purpose:

Traditional PBX (PSTN): Incoming Calls. These types of systems allow calls to be transferred from the public telephone network to a private network. Call entries are routed through a switched telephone system through a private number within the same system.

Traditional PBX (PSTN): Outgoing Calls. Internal phones in this network must enter a code first in order to call a phone line outside of the network. Once the private line has established a connection with an external line, the user can make the call.

Traditional PBX (PSTN): Internal Calls. With internal calls, calls are made from one internal company phone line to another.


Traditional systems started with similar technology and had a limited number of lines telephone. Over time they have been replaced by digital “switches” so that they can handle better quality internal, external and long-distance phone calls.


Virtual PBX hosting. Now, if we add the IP protocol “Internet Protocol” with the PBX, we have the result of IP PBX or a virtual PBX, which stands for “Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange.” All calls are transferred through the internet. Calls are also encrypted for extra security.


The virtual PBX uses the IP protocol in order to manage voice signals over the internet. This helps improve phone networks that are handled over the internet by increasing its quality. The PBX is responsible for routing calls from the traditional PBX or hybrid PBX through a software. No more wires or installations are required thanks to virtual PBX hosting.

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