WhatsApp has become a valuable tool for businesses. Being one of the most downloaded applications in recent years by Internet users around the world, its modality WhatsApp Business API is for companies a great channel of communication with customers with many advantages that will be exposed later.

WhatsApp Business API is WhatsApp’s Application Programming Interface (API), which can be integrated with other systems or applications to engage in conversation with customers around the world via chat. At Fonvirtual, we have developed this integration so that all virtual PBX agents can manage communication with customers by voice and chat through the same switchboard, offering customers personalised attention adapted to new consumer habits.

However, this is not the only advantage offered by WhatsApp Business API. Do you want to know more? 


Key benefits of WhatsApp Business API


In particular, WhatsApp Business API makes it easy for customers to contact and communicate with your company. This communication will be free for all of them, what will encourage many of them to show their interest in the service or product you offer. Moreover, as it can be integrated with the virtual PBX or the call centre software, it makes everything even easier.

Some of the key benefits of the WhatsApp Business API that we want to highlight are the following ones:


  • Management from your virtual PBX or call center software.


With Whatsapp Business API solution integrated with the virtual PBX or call center software you will be able to manage communications from the same interface, so that if you are answering a call, you cannot be interrupted by a communication through WhatsApp and vice versa. 


  • At any time and from any place.


Thanks to the WebRTC technology with which our solutions work, you will be able to maintain communication with customers wherever they are and wherever you are. The exchange of information is, therefore, constant, so that you will be able to keep the client attended without interruptions.


  • Innovative service.


This is the newest system adapted to the new habits of the customers, which provides a great added value. Users will get the impression that the company is up to date and aware of the latest technologies.


  • Free for all your customers.


More users will be willing to contact the company, not only for the comfort that WhatsApp Business API provides, but also for the zero cost to them.




  • File sharing.


With WhatsApp Business API you will be able to exchange text messages and share documents and multimedia files with your users.


  • Artificial Intelligence.


Use the most advanced artificial intelligence systems to manage incoming WhatsApps and set a priority.


  • Simultaneity.


All the agents will have access to their WhatsApp channel under the same numbering, which allows the simultaneous management of the message flow from the same tool with which they make and answer the company’s telephone calls. 


  • Control.


All of the above provides absolute control of all company communications from the same tool: the virtual PBX or the call center software. A unified solution to increase productivity and improve time management.


There are even more advantages of integrating WhatsApp Business API with your Fonvirtual Virtual PBX or call center software. Discover all the functionalities by contacting us and start providing the latest service in your communications: quality, efficiency and comfort. We are waiting for you!


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