According to the experts, WhatsApp has become the most highly rated application by the population in recent years, and people access the application an average of 6 times a day. That is why WhatsApp is a valuable tool for companies, some large firms having adopted this form of communication as one of the main tools to communicate with their customers. So, what is so special about WhatsApp? Creating a connection with a client, effectiveness, segmentation… Today you will learn more about Fonvirtual’s WhatsApp Business API service.

The adaptation to new technologies in business is essential for its survival. Today, we can confidently say that WhatsApp has changed how we communicate completely. To make life easier, you will be able to integrate all your business communications into a single tool. Fonvirtual provides a WhatsApp Business API service to the market.


What is WhatsApp Business API?


WhatsApp Business API is WhatsApp’s Application Programming Interface (API) which can be integrated with other systems or applications to maintain a chat conversation with customers all over the world. 

While “WhatsApp for Business” is not a bad choice, it often has some limitations when Whatsapp becomes an essential communication channel between business and customers. 

On the one hand, Whatsapp for Business works as an independent tool to the other communication channels of the company, while Fonvirtual’s Whatsapp API service is integrable with the virtual PBX. This allows you to unify in a single tool all the communications with the clients, exporting joint reports.

Another feature of WhatsApp API is that all agents can manage communication simultaneously. Contrary to Whatsapp for Business, which is installed in a single physical device and therefore only one person could attend the WhatsApps messages at a time.


How does it work?


Whatsapp API integrated with your virtual PBX is designed to optimize the communication between the company and the users. The messages that enter WhatsApp can be managed from any of the extensions of the PBX and consequently from any place and device connected to the Internet.

As with the management of incoming calls, incoming WhatsApp messages can also be managed according to customer needs and assigned to the agent best prepared to meet that need. While the agent responds to that message, the system will detect that he/she is busy and will not assign him/her any incoming call.




Regarding to the numbers assigned to Whatsapp, Whatsapp API does not require them to be associated to any SIM card or telephone line. Therefore, at Fonvirtual we can enable your usual numbers so that you can establish communications via Whatsapp, whether they are national or international numbers.

From now on, feel free to communicate with your customers instantly with the most used application worldwide.


Key benefits of WhatsApp Business API


In general terms, we highlight from this service the ease with which you can communicate with your customers around the world via chat. A communication that, in addition, will be free for all your customers, which will encourage many of them to be interested in the service or product you offer. All this, together with the option of integrating the application with your virtual PBX or your call centre software. What more could you ask for?

Below, we present some of the benefits of Fonvirtual’s WhatsApp Business API service in more detail:

  • A new approach to customer communication, which provides great added value and the perception that the company is modernised and up to date with the latest technologies.
  • Not only can you exchange text messages, but also you can share documents and multimedia files with your customers. 
  • It eliminates waiting queues, providing a fluid communication but not necessarily in real time, which allows some flexibility the customer will appreciate. 
  • You will be able to contact your customers at any time and from anywhere, wherever they are, allowing a constant exchange of information, always keeping the customer up to date with the latest news.
  • Reclaim unpaid bills from your customers, making sure they receive the message.
  • Enjoy artificial intelligence to manage incoming WhatsApps messages and give them the priority they deserve. 
  • Manage the application from your virtual PBX or call center software with WebRTC technology, which allows you to do it from any device (mobile, tablet or computer) and from anywhere in the world.
  • In addition, your agents will be connected from their extensions at the same time, being able to manage the flow of messages from the same tool with which they make and answer the company’s phone calls. 
  • All this is translated into control and management of all the company’s communications from the same tool.


Take advantage of all the functionalities offered by Fonvirtual and integrate your WhatsApp Business API customer service with your call center software or virtual PBX, and provide a quality, efficient and free service in your communications for all your customers. Think about it!



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