Many companies are now using WhatsApp business to communicate with their coworkers and clients alike. This application allows users to contact their clients on WhatsApp. Communicating with clients is now just as simple as sending a quick WhatsApp message. However, WhatsApp Business allows you to separate your business messages from your personal messages, which helps manage conversations with your clients. You can take full advantage of this business application by also using a virtual phone number.

Your business will now be able to send relevant, personalized and quick messages about your services to your clients. These messages could include the status of their order, appointment reminders, or event reminders. It also allows you to quickly respond to any customer questions or concerns. If you are able to answer in less than 24 hours, the service is free. Otherwise, there are additional costs. WhatsApp Business allows you to create a business profile, including your location, website link, hours of operation, and more. This allows your company to have a professional image when contacting clients through the app.

However, with WhatsApp business, you cannot use a phone number that you have previously used on the app. This means you are required to register a new phone number if you wish to use the service while keeping your old WhatsApp account active.

Typically, your average phone line is linked to a SIM card. Even if you use two different SIM cards on one device, WhatsApp will not allow you to use both regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business simultaneously.

Because of this, the best option would be registering a second phone number for WhatsApp Business. Using a virtual phone number will work the same way as a regular phone number, however no phone purchases are required. A virtual phone number works entirely in the cloud. This virtual number can also be an international phone number, with any area code or country code of your choice. Thanks to WebRTC technology, you can make and receive your calls on any smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop.


Here is a list of advantages offered by linking WhatsApp Business to a virtual international phone number provided by Fonvirtual:

Use Whatsapp and WhatsApp Business at the same time, on the same device. Using the same device, you can now communicate with friends, family, clients, and coworkers at the same time, on the same device. With WhatsApp, you are still able to easily separate your personal life from your professional life.

Use a phone number from any country or city. Your new phone number can be from any country or major city of your choice. You will personally own the phone number you choose. 

Use all the features offered by a virtual phone number. This includes statistics, Voicemail, Voice Recordings, Caller ID, and so much more.

Receive calls on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Thanks to WebRTC technology, you can use any internet connected device.

Protect your personal number. When your customers call, they will only see the second phone number that you chose as your new business phone number. They will never see or have access to your personal phone number associated with your personal WhatsApp account. 

Very affordable. You can check out our plans here.

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WhatsApp Business is designed to work in SMEs. The integration of WhatsApp Business with Fonvirtual’s services allows you to give customized and personalized customer service to your clients. For example, here are two different business markets that would benefit from this integration:

Package transportation companies:

When a package is sent, transportation companies will provide you with the estimated time of arrival. Often times, delivery can be delayed because of traffic, weather, etc. making the package late. With WhatsApp Business, package transportation companies can inform the client of any delays throughout the shipment process. This benefits both parties since the customer will be able to know exactly what time they receive the package, and the transportation company will be able to give better estimates for future deliveries.

Homemade food companies:

Many food companies are appearing both online and offline. Menus are changed often, as well as their prices. Having WhatsApp Business would allow customers to receive a new daily menu on their phone, and allow them to know when their order is ready to be picked up. Even better, customers can upload their food as their status on WhatsApp, giving a free promotion of your product.

These are just two possibilities of the multiple ways you can use WhatsApp Business. To use it effectively, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Evaluate your company’s needs.  Decide what second phone number you should use. It should suit your company’s needs according to the audience you are trying to reach. (This could mean a different city, country, etc.)
  2. Purchase your second phone number. Contact Fonvirtual, and we will give you the best option depending on your needs. We will provide customized service based on your business needs.
  3. Download Whatsapp Business. Available on Google Play and Apple’s App store. The download is completely free.
  4. Verify your second phone number. Choose the country based on the country code of your new phone number. Then, click the “Call me” button and you will receive your verification code through a call.
  5. Insert your company name. Once you have inserted your company name, you can start building your profile (Photo, location, webpage link …).

Just by following these simple five steps you can have at your disposal the innovative business tool of Whatsapp Business. You will also have a second virtual phone number, which is also being used by companies such as Meliá hotels and Uber. What are you waiting for?

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