If you have heard about WhatsApp Business, you probably think it is all rosy. An app for companies that facilitate communication with your clients. Let me dispute, Fonvirtual has done a research on this app.

We agree that for some B2C companies with a low volume of clients it can be interesting. OK, this might be true, but, there are a lot of aspects of it that still creak.

Do not fool yourself. The fact that it is an app that derives from WhatsApp, and that has been developed by a great entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, does not has to mean it is a secure success. Give your decisions a more critical look and do not go with the flow.

We also were amazed by the idea of integrating a channel used by millions of people all over the world with our customer service processes, and for that reason, we have decided to give it a shot and try WhatsApp Business. The first surprise was to discover that was not available for Apple products. WhatsApp Bussiness was launched in January 2018, and now it is almost the end of the year, and it keeps unavailable for Apple devices, which precisely are no shortage. Something says me the app is not growing at the pace it should.

After downloading it, we find an app quite similar to regular WhatsApp with just some added features such as creating the business profile. It also allows indicating the location of your company, a link to your website and even showing your working hours. That function offers a much more professional WhatsApp profile, we will not neglect it.

The tool of preset messages that are being sent automatically also seems interesting. It gives you the option of sending automatic messages to clients. For example, when they write to you outside your working hours, they can receive a text which says: “Hello, thank you for your message. Right now we are not available. We will answer you when we are back”. But here we also have noticed a big limitation of use in professional environments, and it is that the mobile where the app is working need to be switched on and connected to the network in order to send these messages. Let’s say that it enslaves you to pay attention to your mobile so it will not switch off since not receiving this message can create a negative effect on your clients.




WhatsApp Business also presume of message statistics, which are, in my opinion, quite ridiculous. They only inform us about the number of sent, read, delivered and received messages. I cannot see how it can add a great value to the company.

Finally, we should highlight the lack of usability that assumes not being able of using the app from different devices. For an independent company with few clients, using the app by only one person can be reliable. But it is clear that big enterprises with a high number of clients, it will be barely possible that only one person carries out the service for each client.

Moreover, now, with the function of chatbot which offers instant communication, just as fast and easy as WhatsApp, we cannot find any reason to count on this app that, in my opinion, should be called WhatsApp for self-employed rather than WhatsApp Business.

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