How to use WhatsApp for multiple users in your company


Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Apr 12
Category: Channels

Nowadays, consumers expect to receive fast and personalized attention from companies. That is why many businesses are looking for new ways to connect with their customers through different communication channels. One of my favorites is the WhatsApp channel. In order to manage the WhatsApp channel professionally and efficiently, there are WhatsApp APIs, a tool that allows companies to manage conversations started in a single WhatsApp contact number through several devices simultaneously, or what is the same, a WhatsApp for several users.


Advantages ofWhatsApp API with Fonvirtual

Fonvirtual’s solution with WhatsApp API allows you to manage WhatsApp conversations from multiple users, which is ideal for companies with multiple agents. In this way, several agents can serve different customers at the same time from different devices (such as mobile phones, tablets or computers), which increases efficiency and reduces response time.

The implementation of WhatsApp with Fonvirtual in customer service management is a solution of unified communications which offers numerous advantages. First, it allows the integration with the virtual switchboard or company call center software, which simplifies the management of all the interactions received from a single place. Agents can split conversations based on their skills, availability, and priority, and handle multiple conversations at the same time. Also, being a system hosted in the cloud, agents can access it from anywhere and with any device connected to the Internet.

Another important advantage of WhatsApp for several Fonvirtual users is the possibility of automating welcome, absence or even notification messages. In this way, quick responses can be configured to reduce customer waiting time and provide personalized attention 24 hours a day. Los bots Conversational tools can help customers resolve basic issues quickly and efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of customer churn.

The possibility of sharing files instantly and free of charge also generates a significant improvement in the company’s customer service. Companies can exchange sound files,Photos or videos to provide faster solutions to your customers. For example, if an insurance company receives a message from a customer who has suffered a claim, the consumer can send photos of the claim, share their location, or even send a copy of their insurance. In this way, both the client and the company can reduce travel and associated costs.

In addition, the integration of the instant messaging channel in the Fonvirtual unified communications solution will allow having a detailed report of all the interactions maintained by WhatsApp. The conversations can be monitored in real time and the system allows a control and monitoring of service quality. Thanks to this information, the company will be able to make improvement decisions, either with respect to the workforce dedicated to managing WhatsApp or the configuration of chatbot automations.

In conclusion, WhatsApp API is a very useful tool to improve customer service in companies through WhatsApp service from several users simultaneously. The solution of Fonvirtual, in particular, offers a series of important functionalities, such as integration with the company’s virtual switchboard or call center software, message automation, customer identification, file sharing and management from various connected devices toInternet. With these functionalities, companies can provide personalized attention and stand out from the competition.


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