Often times, people are unaware of the features included in a virtual PBX phone system, such as whitelisting and blacklisting. Because people are unaware of these features, they are less likely to use them.

One feature offered by Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX services is whitelisting and blacklisting.

Your company may have certain clients that you would like to give special attention to. If you don’t want these clients to have to wait on hold, you put them on the whitelist.


On the other hand, if you have pesky callers who you do not want to give any attention to, you have the blacklist.


Whitelisting and blacklisting in detail




As mentioned above, white lists can be included in the configuration of your virtual PBX phone system. Now you can give preference to certain numbers. These numbers will have an independent configuration to other calls that are entered into the virtual PBX.


With whitelists, callers are filtered by their origin and the phone system that they use. When a caller on the whitelist calls, they do not have to wait on hold. They are placed in a separate routing system and are assigned a special agent who is available to take their call.


There are always going to be customers, suppliers, or relatives who you may want to give preference to if they ever need to call.


whitelisting and blacklisting




On the other hand, there’s also callers who you do not want to answer for different reasons: prank callers, surveyors, telemarketers, etc. In short, blacklists are for avoiding annoying calls.


The Fonvirtual virtual PBX offers “special treatment” for these unwanted, blacklisted callers as well.


When a blacklisted caller makes a call, they are unaware that their call is going through a special filter. This filter can place the caller wherever you may please. In other words, they can be passed to voicemail, to a message saying “inbox full” and to hang up, or they can be placed on endless hold with music of your choice.


Now that we know whitelisting and blacklisting features, let’s look at other unknown features that Fonvirtual has to offer:


Filtering by origin


This feature is similar to whitelisting and blacklisting. With this feature, different treatment can be given depending on the caller.


For example, if a German phone number calls, we can establish that they listen to menu options in German based on their area code. They will be directed to an agent who also speaks German.


Hunt groups or “ring all”


This is all about incoming calls to your extensions. A hunt group distributes calls in a chained way. If the first assigned extension cannot answer the call, it passes to the second, and if not to the third, and so on.


In the “ring all” mode, all extensions will ring at the same time and the first extension to take the call will be the one who answers it.


Transcription of calls


Fonvirtual’s advanced PBX phone system offers the opportunity to transcribe oral messages into written ones. Thus, at the same time that calls are being recorded, they can be transcribed. A very useful feature for resuming messages that have been exchanged during previous calls.


Dial the extension if you know them


By dialing the extension, users can speak directly with a specific person without having to go through the initial menu options.





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