Why integrate a CRM into your company’s telephony?


If you are reading this article, you are probably looking to integrate a CRM with your company’s telephony. Today, businesses are looking to optimize the management of communication with customers with the help of a virtual PBX. This, along with CTI CRM integration, allows for the optimization of resources and improved work performance.

Below we explain what a CRM is and how its integration with the company’s telephony can help improve professional results.

Let’s go!

What is a CRM?


To know exactly what a CRM is, we should take a look at what the acronym means: Customer Relationship Management. 

With this, we can understand that a CRM is something that allows you to manage customer relationships. That “something” is a software or computer program that can be developed by the company itself or contracted to third parties (Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk…) and that allows your business to improve management, attention and relations with current and potential customers.

There are 2 main benefits of integrating a CRM within a business:

  • Increases productivity

The CRM allows to structure and unify the commercial processes, information, management and even invoicing in the same place.

  • Manage sales processes and business opportunities

In addition to all the information that can be stored in the CRM, it allows you to work on the commercial follow-up of potential as well as current customers.

Among other things, it also allows you to extract commercial reports and even metrics to optimize customer management.


The CRM integrated into your virtual PBX


If you integrate a CRM with your company’s telephony or virtual PBX you will take the best business decision.

As we already know, a virtual PBX is a telephony system focused on companies that allows efficient management of calls received to the company’s head office, organizing them and distributing them to the different workers according to different criteria.

A virtual PBX is therefore the point of voice communication between the customer and the company. Therefore, integrating the CRM with the virtual switchboard allows to enhance customer-company relations, improving customer service.

Among the possibilities offered by the integration of the CRM with the virtual PBX, we can highlight the following:


Call identification


You may receive a business call from an unknown caller. They may have called before. If not, they could be a current or potential client, etc. When we see the call, we spend time looking for who that number belongs to.

However, thanks to the integration of the virtual PBX with CRM tools, we will be able to instantly identify who is calling us, their complete record, any previous information they may have given us, as well as the previous activity we’ve had with them. Even if we have not been the ones who have attended them before.

The identification of this call allows us to be aware of the situation and handle the call in an orderly manner. The fact that we know exactly who the client is and in what situation he is in allows us to give a more personalized treatment, a fact that the client will appreciate.


Saving information in a simple way


With the client’s file open, and during the phone call, you can write down any data about the call instantly, as well as update information, send emails instantly, etc.

In addition, thanks to this information, all departments will have complete information at all times and will be able to work in a more efficient and customer-oriented manner.


Schedule activities instantly


Once the phone call is picked up, the CRM system will detect this call and indicates in the same tab that Agent X has spoken on day Y with client Z. Also, future activities or e-mails can be scheduled as a result of this call.


Create new contacts quickly


In the case of a new contact, the company will not have any previous record of the caller. Therefore, thanks to the integration of the CRM with the virtual PBX, it will be possible to create new contacts during the phone call, writing down the data of the new potential customer and writing down the information that has been kept during the phone call.



What are the benefits of integrating the CRM with the company’s telephony?

As we have seen, such integration brings great advantages to the company that will help boost sales and improve business relationships.

Making a small summary, we can define the following benefits:

  • You will have all the information stored in the same place, integrated with the telephone and accessible from any place and device connected to the Internet.
  • It facilitates collaboration between departments, as all members of the company will have at their disposal all the information collected by themselves and their colleagues in the CRM.
  • Anticipates customer needs thanks to the direct access to the customer’s file and all information during the phone call.

All this leads to a more productive team, working in a much more efficient and customer-oriented way.

But also, integrating the CRM with the company’s telephony will allow them to obtain new customers, manage their follow-up, as well as to build their loyalty in a much easier way.


How to integrate the CRM with Fonvirtual’s virtual switchboard


With Fonvirtual, integrating your customer management program with the virtual PBX is very easy. We offer integration with different CRM platforms, such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. But also with Google Data Studio, to extract statistics and reports of all telephone activity.

When you contract Fonvirtual’s advanced virtual PBX, the integration with the CRM that the company has contracted can be done instantly, without the need to invest in more costs or programming time.

In addition, our support team will be available at all times to speed up and facilitate the process, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Want to integrate the CRM with your company’s telephony? Contact us!

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