Why use conversational sales solutions in your business?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jun 22

For today’s consumers, finding the information they need about any product or service is often easy. However, due to the large amount of data they have access to, it is also very easy for them to have doubts before evaluating their purchase. And this is something that can only be solved by interacting in real time with the company itself

Therefore, if a company wants to increase its sales, all it has to do is listen to its customers and talk to them to answer their questions as quickly and accurately as possible. 

In this sense, conversational sales solutions are ideal to achieve our goal, as they allow us to obtain all the information about the needs of users, while improving their experience. That is why, for many companies, these systems have become an essential element.

However, this is not the only reason why companies are recommended to use conversational sales solutions. We tell you all about them in today’s article!

What is conversational sales?

Before knowing the reasons why companies use these solutions, it is important to know what conversational sales consists of.

When we use this term, we are referring to a set of actions aimed at improving company results through real-time interactions with users. To do this, they use processes, techniques and tools designed to offer a more satisfactory experience adapted to the needs of consumers.

This approach is based, therefore, on a paradigm shift in which it is no longer so important the product we are trying to sell, but rather getting to know our potential customers better and offering them the necessary trust so that they finally stay with us. 

4 reasons why to use conversational sales solutions

Although improving results is one of the main reasons why companies use conversational sales tools, it is not the only one. Here are some of them:

It’s key to attracting customers and encouraging conversion.

Until recently, many companies based their interactions with customers solely on emails that often took days to reply to or even landed in the spam folder. Of course, this had a big impact on their sales, as many users abandoned halfway through the buying process. In addition, in an attempt to attract more customers, they also fell into sending emails that were not very personalised and, in most cases, did not respond to the users’ needs.

In this sense, conversational sales solutions meet two important needs of today’s users when looking for a product or service: on the one hand, to find quick answers; and on the other hand, to be listened to and accompanied throughout the purchasing process. As a consequence, the adequate attention to these demands will bring us, with total security, an increase in our conversion rates.

Helping customers make better purchasing decisions

When choosing a product or service, many consumers abandon the purchase process because they find it difficult to complete it

To prevent this from happening, conversational sales solutions allow us to accompany and interact in real time with users, identifying where they have problems and helping them to get to the end. This will increase their trust in our brand, increasing the connection with those who are ready to buy and boosting the decision of those who are still hesitant to do so.

It allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition

We must bear in mind that we are not alone in the market. There are many companies that coexist with us, offering the same products and services and also aiming to sell. Thus, it is important to find an element of differentiation that brings added value to consumers and encourages them to choose us. 

In this sense, we are not only referring to the tangible attributes of a product, such as design or size, but also to the intangible ones, such as the user experience in their interaction with the company. Actions such as offering them different channels of communication by voice, chat and video, depending on what is most convenient for them at any given time, may be enough to make them go beyond their expectations and make them choose us.

It helps us to know our customers better

In order to adjust to consumer preferences, businesses are increasingly looking for direct and close sales tools that allow them to obtain precise information on exactly what the customer is looking for.

In this sense, these systems allow in many cases to analyse and collect big data that can be used to personalise our conversations and optimise them according to the user. In this way, we will have an opportunity to awaken their interest and create strong and lasting relationships with them.


4 examples of conversational sales solutions

Have we convinced you why you should use these tools in your business? If the answer is yes, you are probably wondering which one might be right for you. Therefore, here are 4 examples of conversational sales solutions that we offer at Fonvirtual.


Earlier we said that one of the reasons that moved companies to use conversational sales solutions was to help users make better purchasing decisions. At Fonvirtual we offer you the way to provide this help: through cobrowsing.

This is a system that allows agents to interact with the customer’s screen online while communicating with the user by voice, video or chat. The main purpose is to guide the customer through a process to resolve their doubts and assist them in actions where they may encounter difficulties: filling in forms, sharing, editing or signing a document… And all this, in real time, securely and without the need for the customer to leave their browser session.

With our cobrrowing solution, you will not only have the opportunity to accompany your customers to offer them a better user experience. You will also have the opportunity to show them related products and services that they might not otherwise have discovered and that will help you achieve better results.

Telephone collection

Another interesting tool for conversational sales is the telephone collection system, as it allows you to complete sales in the course of a call. Sometimes, after having spoken to an agent, users have to make a payment via a website or other means, which can result in the loss of that sale.

With a telephone card payment system, you can offer your customers the possibility to pay on the spot through a virtual POS connected to your bank. This means that there is no human intervention in the process and no friction and, therefore, the customer can be sure that the transaction will be carried out legally, since the data is not stored or accessible to third parties.

Furthermore, this system can be integrated with other systems, such as the telemarketing software mentioned below:

Telemarketing software

This is a very useful tool for streamlining the sales process, since, although it is used to make massive outgoing calls, these do not necessarily have to be only to offer our products and services. 

In fact, telemarketing software can also be used to make communications, appointment and meeting reminders, quality calls or satisfaction surveys. These actions will allow us to create or complete a database if we have our CRM integrated, providing us with an opportunity to converse with our customers and encourage them to stay with us.


Finally, if we want to boost our sales, we must take into account that customers can decide to buy at any time. However, this means having agents available 24/7, which is not always possible.

To solve this, the ideal solution is to use a chatbot with artificial intelligence trained to advise our customers. Precisely because one of its main characteristics is its availability at any time, 365 days a year and in multiple languages, it is a fundamental tool to incorporate into our strategy to increase interactions with consumers and our sales.

Moreover, these systems (which can be integrated into instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or a web chat) simplify processes, reduce waiting times and free agents from repetitive tasks. They thus offer an opportunity for agents to pay more attention to customer interactions, providing them with a service tailored to their needs.

From Fonvirtual we recommend that you unify all these solutions in an omnichannel sales tool to be able to accompany customers by voice, video or chat and perform all these actions from the same interface. This way, agents will not waste time switching from one screen to another and the sales process will be more efficient.

If you want to know more about how to increase your sales with our solutions, contact us so we can advise you.

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