Benefits to work with a call center from home

Smith, Emma

Publish: Tuesday, Sep 18

Many companies today have access to be able to work from home without any problems, these companies are freelancers whose main activities can be managed from their own homes, with the only requirement of having access to the Internet. For this reason, the call center from home is very useful. It consists of new technology for receiving and making calls online, this system has many advantages for the company, such as cost savings in the rental of premises, establishments or offices.

What is achieved with this service? The company can get the freedom of location since it is a virtual contact center service. This way, customers will always be connected to the company.

The services we offer are to receive national and international calls, with the only requirement that the user is connected to the network to access these calls. For this reason, companies decide to hire contact center outsourcing for the simple reason that the company will not have to worry at any time about these calls because they will be well managed by companies specializing in these services.


How to receive a call center from home?



call center from home

All the services we offer are the same from home and from any office because, so we will detail how to manage the inbound call center.

First, when receiving the call, the company will use the IVR system to manage customer calls from customizable configurations. These can be, for example, about location, time zone, language, etc. This will help you to serve your customers in a very professional way so that you will get a good image in front of the public.

After analyzing the origin of the call, the next step is to choose the type of agent that will attend the query. The call center software has an ACD system that analyzes the positive and negative aspects of the person so that the agent can be chosen according to his/her profile. With this action, it is possible to give a good service to the client.

The ACD system operates in the following way; if the agent assigned to the call is absent, the call will be assigned to another agent with similar qualities.

On the other hand, we also offer a call service whose prices are very competitive. This allows us to differentiate ourselves from other companies since Fonvirtual always seeks to offer the lowest possible cost for calls.

It should also be noted that the services we offer for both incoming and outgoing calls incorporate call recording functionality. This functionality allows you to analyze all these calls from home, which is an advantage, as it allows you to access all kinds of relevant information.

The call center from home also has statistics functionality, in charge of collecting all call information and analyzing in detail the flows of all types of calls, in order to evaluate them and distinguish potential customers.

The call center also provides the customer with a totally free voicemail, which can be related to the company’s opening or closing hours, etc. These are some of the functionalities that the call center from home service provides. At Fonvirtual we are market leaders in telecommunications services.

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