Web accesibility solutions

Your communications available on any device


Messaging, voice and video…

Manage all your internal and external communications by voice, chat and video on the same platform. Your conversations will be available anywhere in the world.


…on a multi-device platform…

Access the platform to manage your communications from any web browser or from our native applications for mobile or tablet IOS or Android.



…and choose where to attend each interaction

You will receive the interaction on all the devices you are connected to at the same time and you will be able to attend to it from the one that is most convenient for you at that moment.

Your communications on all your devices

What are unified communications?

Unified communications (UC or UCaaS) are professional solutions in the cloud that bring together communication solutions on a single platform accessible from multiple devices simultaneously. These tools favour mobility and allow business continuity in teleworking situations, as access to messaging, voice or video communications can be made from any device


Forget about relying on a single device to manage your communications:


Manage your chats, voice calls and video calls on your computer, mobile and tablet at the same time as if they were on a single device.


Attend interactions from the device closest to you or the one you prefer at any given moment.


Access your conversation history from any device, regardless of whether or not you have used it to manage conversations because everything is synchronised in real time.

Customers and colleagues won’t notice the difference, as you’ll be available to them at any time and from anywhere.

Get to know our unified communications solution

What characterises our unified communications solution?


No device limit

Most unified communications solutions charge licenses for each simultaneously connected device. With Fonvirtual you can connect simultaneously on as many devices as you want without paying more.


With Artificial Intelligence

Our unified communications solutions have a powerful Artificial Intelligence system that allows you to adapt to customer needs through transcriptions, identification of the user’s gender and language …


Internal Communications

Our unified communications software includes tools for internal communication by chat, voice and video. You can check the status of your colleagues, create groups, share files, etc…..


100% Cloud

At Fonvirtual we use WebRTC technology for all our solutions. Everything is in the cloud, so you don’t have to install any executable software or invest in hardware. Your extensions will be available wherever you need them most.


Cross-channel solution

Your voice, chat and video channels will be integrated and connected to each other on a single platform, so you can switch from one to the other easily and without leaving the conversation.


Integration with other systems

Connect other tools you use in your company, such as a CRM or Helpdesk, and access the information from the platform itself. The changes will be recorded in real time and you will be able to view them from all the devices you are connected to.

Discover the possibilities of unified communications

  Advantages of WebRTC unified communications


Better user experience

The combination of different communication and collaboration tools ensures that the user’s needs are met.



With WebRTC, the browsers themselves ensure that communications are encrypted, regardless of the device you use.



They allow processes to be streamlined and time to be spent on tasks that can bring greater value to the company.


Quick start-up

By not relying on the installation of plug-ins or executable software, the service will be up and running immediately.


Eassy access to information

They make information accessible how, where and when the officer or supervisor needs it.


Flexible and scalable

Your unified communications will adapt to the needs of your company at all times. You will be able to add or remove functionalities quickly and easily.

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