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Call center Software


Accesible as your customer wants…

Thanks to the call center software, they will contact your customer service via voice, video or messages though phone numbers, web buttons and apps or even through WhatsApp, Telegram or email.


…with and ACD cloud service…

Your call center software will be managed from the cloud, combining the experience of years providing services, the efficiency of our system ACD and the innovation of the new technology WebRTC.


…with ubiquitous agents and supervisors

WebRTC allows agents connecting to the call center software wherever they want and as they wish to. They will be able to log in on any device and any place directly from the browser or through our native apps.

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 What is a call center software?

A call center software is a cloud-hosted telephone system that is encharged of managing the incoming and outgoing calls of a companyadapting to its needs at any given time.

The call center software will be in charge of receiving and distributing calls, chats, WhatsApps or any other interaction that customers have with the company, as well as creating tailor-made automatic outbound call campaigns. Moreover, it can be completely integrated with the company’s CRM and allows to include advanced functionalities with Artificial Intelligence.


 Call center software with WebRTC technology


On any device and anywhere

They agents will be able to connect from a computer (through the browser) from a mobile phone (app) or even a tablet. No matter where your are, you will only need a device connected to the Internet.


HD Quality

Benefit from the best quality of voice and video thanks to the IP telephony evolution: WebRTC technology. Moreover, all your communications will be encrypted, maintaining complete security and trust.


No investmenents, no installations

WebRTC technology does not need IP phones nor installations, so you will be able to use your agent on any computer that you already have through a the browser or if you prefer with an app on your mobile phone.

Get excellence with our call center software

  Handle all communication channels from the same platform


International calls

Make your company international by adding other countries’ numbers. Get presence abroad with local fixed numbers from any country.


Call, chat and video buttons

Integrate buttons on your website or apps so your clients can contact with you via voice, chat or video. All of it completely free and from anywhere.


WhatsApp or Telegram

Offer a WhatsApp channel so that your agents manage the messages from the call center software where they receive the calls.

  Create value to your communications and add funcionalities to your call center software


Ubiquitious supervision

Supervise all the aspects of your call center software in real time and interact with the agents from anywhere and from any device.



Integrate your call center software with a CRM and unify all the information of your business, getting a complete efficiency.


Monitoring your agents

Our call center software allows to check in real time the performance of each agent to control the activity of your call center.


Telemarketing software

Use the power of big data to analyze and control all the KPI of your customer service in a simple and personalized way.


Take phone payments

Take secure card payments during the call thanks to the phone card payment system with PCI compliance.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Develope solutions of Artificial Intelligence in your call center software to optimize resources and create more added value to customers.

Discover the functionalities of your call center software

  Manage your interactions with distribution functionalities


ACD cloud

Distribute calls and messages you receive in your call center application in an intelligent way thanks to the cloud-hosted ACD.



Determine your working hours and set the schedule and the distribution of calls and chats depending on your interests.



Include an IVR system, giving customers different options and improving the distribution of calls and messages at the same time.


VIP lists

The ACD software will detect the calls of those clients that you give priority, in order to offer a special attention in settings.


Waiting queues

Keep your clients in a waiting queue with music until one of the agents of your call center software is able to answer the call.


Filtering by origin

The call center will filter the origin of calls and chats and will distribute them to agents according to predefined criteria.


Caller ID

Informs about the origin of the call or message before starting the conversation with a locution or code that only the agent hears.


Transfering calls

Make easier transfering calls and chats between agents free of charge, with a quick and simple system.

  Create and personalize automatic outbound calls campaigns


Automatic dialing

Choose the automatic dialing that best suits your campaign, either predictive, progressive or preview mode.



Set schedules for making calls and the extensions to distribute the mass calls of your campaigns.


Main greetings

Set a message that notifies the agents from which campaign the call comes, or a welcome message for the client.


Tagging results

Tag your calls depending on the results obtained so that the system reports and triggers the next action that has been set.


Voicemail detection

Identify those calls that end up in a voicemail to exclude them from the distribution to agents and gaining efficiency.


Artificial Intelligence

AI will identify the language, gender and degree of satisfaction of the client on each call so that the results can be analysed at a later stage.

 Integrated internal communication


Internal calls

With the call center software you will be able to talk with any member of the company, no matter where your are, completely free of charge and with HD quality.


Corporate chat

The integrated corporate chat allows your agents to communicate through instant messaging and sharing files. Moreover, they can create broadcasting groups and lists.



You will be able to make internal videoconferencing with the members with HD quality and adding external people without installing anything, directly from your browser.

All the innovation of WebRTC in your call center

What tools will the supervisor have to manage the call center software?




App for desktop, mobile and tablet

The supervisor profile counts with a simple and intuitive interface that will which will collect the main variables of the call centre software.


Call transcript

The supervisor will receive a transcript in real time of the conversations that the agents have. These transcripts of the content of the conversations can be received in different languages.


Listen calls

During the conversation with agents, the supervisor will have access to listen all the conversation of the call center software in real time.


Log in and log out

The call center software allows that the supervisor logs in and logs out the agents according to the needs that arise.


Interacting with agents


Direct chat

The internal chat will allow the supervisor to exchange messages with the agents at any time. Also, the agents can ask for help to the supervisor through the chat. Apart from messages, it is possible to share files.



During the conversations, the supervisor will be able to “whisper” the agents without the client hearing it. This way, they can provide all the additional information or make clarifications to help the agent during any call in the contact center app.


Participation through a three-way call

The call center software will be able to intervene in the conversation, opening communication to all three parties: supervisor, agent and caller. This way, the supervisor will participate in the conversation in real time


Call recording



All calls received and made in the call center will be recorded, having the supervisor direct access to them. Moreover, the call can be recorded at any time “under demand”.


Type of calls recorded

You can established what are the calls we want to be recorded: by agent, frequently calling numbers, important clients…




Evaluate all calls in real time

The statistics give information about any aspect of the call center software calls: lost, answered, dropped, by queue, by service, by agent, average waiting times, conversation times… Al the statistics will be available in real time. They are also exportable in both Excel and Word.


Connect with Google Data Studio

Use the power of big date to analyze and control de the KPI of your customer service in a simple and customized way.

Control and optimize your call center performance

 Types of call center software


Inbound call center, customer service

The inbound call center is responsible for the reception and handling of the interactions of customers and potential customers of one or more companies. With our call center software, the agents can manage WhatsApps, chats, calls and even videoconferencing in their extensions in an efficient way.

The distribution of interactions between agents can be intelligently configured with the ACD cloud and Fonvirtual’s functionalities. Moreover, with the Artificial Intelligence integration, repetitive tasks can be automated so that the agents can be encharged of other value added actions.

Outbound call center, outgoing calls

The outbound call centers are encharged of making outgoing mass calls, normally to attract customers.  To make those outgoing calls efficiently, a software with an automatic dialler that dials and distributes the calls among the agents is usually available.

For the distribution and management of mass calls, campaigns can be created in which it is possible to customise schedules, types of dialler, main greetings, automatisms and much more. All the results of these campaigns will be reported in detail for later analysis.


Inbound and outbound call center

Frequently, the company wants not only to make but also to receive calls, so they usually need an inbound and outbound software. This software will be encharged of managing in an efficient way calls, WhatsApps, chats and other type of interactions with a customer.

Fonvirtual’s call center software offers in a single platform the management of internal and external communications, both incoming and outgoing. Apart from having many functionalities that can be customized, it can be integrated with the company’s CRM so that the management of communications is as much efficient as possible.

Your traditional call center with the advantages of WebRTC

Advantages of Fonvirtual call center software


No investment

Thanks to the WebRTC, any device will be enough so that the agents can log in and make and receive calls, chats and WhatsApps.



Your call center software will manage your calls with efficiency thanks to our ACD system, that relays on waiting queues.



Agents and supervisors will have a simple interface with everything they need to manage it intuitively.



Our call center software Nuestro software para call center combines the knowledge that comes from experience with the innovation of the new WebRTC telephony.



Agents will be able to connect the contact center app from any device and from anywhere. Total ubiquity thanks to WebRTC.



Our call center software allows to adapt the quantity of agents to the immediate needs of your company, scaling-up the number.



We offer our own equipment, which means total availability of the call centre software. As a back up, calls can be passed on to fixed and mobile lines.



Years of experience and the trust of many clients result in an optimised and sophisticated service for all our customers.



WebRTC has much lower data and bandwidth requirements than traditional IP voice. It allows an absolute call stability and HD quality.

A call center software to work how and wherever you want

Frequently Asked Questions


We solve all your doubts of the call center software

What is a call center software?

The call center software is communication system that allows a high volume of calls to be handled intelligently within a company. Incoming calls can be handled by a DTMF or an IVR, passed through a waiting queue and intelligently assigned to the right agents thanks to the ACD (Automatic Call Distributor).

What kind of companies is call centre software aimed at?

Ecommerce, multinational enterprises, telecommunications enterprises or of electronic products, financial entities or banking, assurance companies, travel and tourism, citizen information…

These companies must have a call center service so that their customers can be in contact with them and solve any doubt or request they may have. This service also reduce costs and allows the control of large staff.

Is it possible to monitor the activity of the agents?

Yes. The call center software has a supervisor profile, who will be able to observe agent activity in real time, participate in calls, access statistics…

How many agents can the call center software have?

The call center software may have as many agents as the company needs. There is no minimum or maximum, Fonvirtual will adapt to the company needs at any given time.

What are the technical requirements for the call center software?

The only thing you need to start using Fonvirtual’s call center software is a computer, mobile phone or any other device that can be connected to the Internet with a stable connection.You will have access to the call center software extension through your username and password from the browser of a computer or a free app for mobile phones.

What browsers can be compatible with WebRTC?

Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and the mobile app for Android and iOS.

What is the ACD of a call center?

An ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) will be encharged of automatically distributing those calls that are received in the call center software in an intelligent way and according to the priorities previously set of the habilities of the agents in a skillset. The call will always be received by the most qualified agent for that.

Why contracting a call center software for telemarketing?

The call center software is perfect for companies and activities of telemarketing. The telemarketing is a form of direct marketing in which direct contact is established via telephone between an agent and a customer in order to cover the entire customer or commercial service. Therefore, having a call centre software for telemarketing is the best option if you want to provide a quality telephone service.

What is a CRM in a call center?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software for managing customer relations and communication with customers. In the field of call centres, CRM allows you to register, organise and manage user data, schedule calls and activities, etc. If you need to integrate your CRM, contact our customer service department and we will help you to do so.

What is TMO and TMC in a call centre?

On the one hand, the TMO is the ideal average time a company considers for an agent’s calls and is usually measured in seconds or minutes. Depending on the company, the ideal TMO will be one or the other. On the other hand, the TMC is the average talk time that the agent actually has.

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