Live call transcription

Artificial Intelligence for audio into text transcription




Live transcription…

Enjoy on your screen what each participant is saying during the conversation as it happens will be displayed on your screen. And with simultaneous translation. No more taking notes or listening to recordings. They will appear in the history.


…of all the conversations…

Whether they are calls or video calls, internal or external,inbound or
outbound, all conversations in your company will be available in written as they happen and through any device, including when you use your mobile phone.


…to manage your company

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, pull out the full value of your conversations: call summaries, automatic labeling, sentiment analysis, language detection, gender detection, and all available instantly in your CRM as well.

Improve your processes with call transcription

What is audio-to-text transcription?

Audio-to-text transcription, also known as “Speech to text,” is an automated system that converts the messages contained in an audio recording into written text in natural language.

Developments in Artificial Intelligence, specifically in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLM), have led to voice recognition systems that enable the automation of accurately transcribing spoken words, giving rise to automatic transcription systems and enabling numerous associated applications.


Professional call transcription with state-of-the-art technology


Real-time transcription

Real-time transcription right away access to incredible applications while the conversation is happening: language identification, simultaneous translation, labeling, or sentiment analysis.


Contextual conversation transcription

Fonvirtual’s transcription keeps in mind the context of the conversation, which enhances its accuracy and provides coherence to the resulting transcribed text.



Computational capacity

Our solution is backed by a robust infrastructure that provides us with tremendous computational power. With state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence systems, we can meet even the most demanding requirements.


Transcription of each speaker

In addition, our systems transcribe the different audio channels independently, which allows the transcript of each speaker to be processed, translated, summarized, and interpreted separately.



Multilingual transcription

Fonvirtual has the ability to transcribe in multiple languages and provide simultaneous translation. This means that it can automatically transcribe in a selected language different from the language being spoken.


Punctuation marks

The conversation transcription automatically adds the necessary punctuation marks to the resulting transcript, making it easier to read and understand.


Discover what automatic call transcriptions provide your business.


The value of call transcription

Call transcription make headway in different professional sectors, but many companies are focusing on the scope of call transcription for human resources, sales, customer service, and marketing teams.


Instant access to crucial information

Thanks to automatic call labeling, you won’t have to replay entire calls to locate important data because you’ll have it right in front of you. Additionally, you can define the labels that create the most value for your business.


Train your team effectively

Transcription enables the analysis of sales discourse, handling objections, or managing customer relationships. If an agent excels in their performance, transcriptions of their calls can serve as a model.



Locate the call you’re interested

Your calls summaries will help you quickly locate the call you’re looking for at a glance. Labels, indicating when a specific topic was discussed, will guide you to the relevant part of the conversation.


Real-time translation

If you manage global teams, translating call transcriptions into multiple languages allows you to easily access the content of all calls without worrying about language barriers.



Efficiently analyze conversations

Key elements such as keywords used, speaking-to-listening ratio, word repetition rate, discussed topics, and other factors allow for measuring parameters of effective communication.



Transcribe voice messages or voicemails

Missed a call? Receive a notification with the transcription of the voice message or voicemail directly via email. You’ll save time and be able to read your messages during a meeting.


Trust in audio-to-text call transcription to enhance sales, customer service, and marketing


Boost your sales with automatic transcription

Transcribing video conferences and business calls allows you to have all the data from every conversation with prospects or clients in your company’s CRM. You will have all the relevant information gathered during interactions with a customer, without missing any details.


Conversation analysis: Audio-to-text transcription enables sales representatives to examine their dialogues with customers and prospects, uncover and retrieve information about the needs and expectations of the interlocutor, adjust their presentations, and explore new sales strategies.


Training and development: As a sales leader or manager, call transcription can enrich your coaching tools for training and development. It enables you to identify growth opportunities for your employees and help them reach their full potential.


Documentation and storage: Automatic transcription is also an excellent way to maintain a written record of all interactions with customers and prospects, ensuring that you don’t forget anything crucial to retain a customer or close a sale.

Boost your customer service through monitoring and training

Automatic transcription enables the detection of problematic conversations and simplifies the analysis of dialogues for quality control and training customer service teams. No more wasting time listening to hundreds of phone call recordings.


Analysis of customer interactions: Summarizing calls and analyzing detected sentiment helps us prioritize conversations for analysis.


Service quality control: Compare the transcription of agents’ responses with pre-established call scripts to detect errors and quickly improve service quality.


Consultant training: Transcriptions allow us to evaluate how customer queries are handled, identifying areas for improvement. We can use call transcriptions from competent agents to train those who need it.


Improve your marketing through knowledge

Analyzing transcriptions of video conferences with clients and phone calls can be a valuable tool for marketing teams by trying to understand the needs and preferences of their customers. We can gather relevant data from all conversations to gain perspectivas into market trends.


Understand customer needs: Having information about what the customer needs and how they perceive the product is one of the keys to effective marketing.


Control the message being conveyed: By analyzing the transcription of agent responses, we can ensure that they are delivering a message that meets customer expectations through different channels, such as blog posts, videos, or podcasts.


Data source: Transcription of conversations and tags becomes a valuable source of information when defining customer profiles and optimizing marketing content.

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