Empower your conversations with Artificial Intelligence


Automate your processes…

The chatbot will handle many tasks for you automatically so that your agents can focus on more complex or higher value tasks for the customer.


…offer a personalized service…

The bot will provide tailored answers to your clients and your employees will monitor its performance and be able to intervene if it was necessary.


…and improve the user experience

Get even closer to your customers by giving them the answer they are looking for when they need it most. The chatbot will be available to assist them at any time and in any language.

Optimize your communications with our chatbot

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot or conversational robot is an Artificial Intelligence system that is able to maintain a real-time conversation with customers via text messages. These services are often incorporated in instant messaging applications or in a web chat to facilitate contact via a button inserted in the company’s website. They aim to reduce or even eliminate the agents handling times.

Manage more conversations automatically to improve the user experience


Take advantage of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to improve productivity and provide a service that exceeds customer expectations.


Offer uninterrupted online support via WhatsApp, Telegram or web chat 24/7 and in any language.


Free your agents by transferring to them only the most complex conversations or those for which the chatbot does not have the answer.


Reduce resolution and response times by automating the simplest procedures and processes.

All integrated into your communications platform to be where and when users need you.

Take customer experience to the next level with a chatbot

What can you use a chatbot for?


Receiving and categorizing messages

Welcome users and find out the reason for their request. The chatbot will manage the messages so that your customers are attended from the first moment.



Do your customers often forget appointments with your company? Avoid this by sending them personalized messages reminding them of important appointments and events.


Collecting data

At the same time as your agents are attending to other conversations, the chatbot will ask other customers for the information to speed up the process.


Tracking orders

When completing a purchasing process, the chatbot will send the user an automatic message confirming their order and will keep them informed of its status.


Answer frequently asked questions

Your agents will no longer waste time typing the same answer to frequently asked questions. The conversational robot will do this task for them.


Booking appointments

Connect an appointment management software to our communications solution and let the chatbot manage the appointment booking process in your company.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a chatbot?

 Advantages of Fonvirtual’s chatbot


Increased performance

With a conversational robot, you can handle a greater number of interactions immediately, allowing your agents to be more productive and focus on tasks of greater value for the business.



In addition to end-to-end encryption of chat conversations, our system has additional security protocols in place, preventing data sharing with third parties or a potential data leakage.


24/7 availability

Don’t worry about out-of-hours contacts. Chatbots are characterized by being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so your customers will always be attended.


Increased interactions

Providing immediate responses will improve the company’s image and bring quality to the service you offer. Customers will be encouraged to contact you and are more likely to recommend you to others.



Chatbots analyze and detect the language of the conversation to ensure the success of the interaction. In this way, they adapt to the user’s needs to offer a more satisfactory experience.


Reducing mistakes

Chatbots are able to detect details that humans may miss. They also have the ability to improve through continuous learning systems to avoid repeating mistakes in the future and to give more tailored answers.

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