The new “click to call” is the “click to speak”

Communicate for free with your customers around the world via WebRTC

Just one click from your customers

Your future customers will just need to click on the click to speak button of your page to start talking and contact your business, from any location in the world and free.

Free calls for you and your clients

Fonvirtual will conect the user of your website with the telephone service of your company  instantly, free and with HD quality even if they call you from the antipodes. 

All the features you need included

You can set up your click to call WebRTC with greetings, schedules, call queuing, statistics and you will be able to know from which click to call you are receiving the call in every moment to give the best attention. 

Click to speak? The button I needed

How does the WebRTC click to call works?

Copy and paste a simple code in your website

Firstly, we will give you a code that you will only need to paste in your website to make your WebRTC click to call button appear. The click to speak is available for WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal or any own development and you will be able to customize the button to make it  fit in  your website design.


Your website visitor makes click in your click to speak button

Every user of your website wherever it is located will just need to click the WebRTC click to call button of your page to talk with your customer service. Without need of a phone or typing a number and of course, completely free.  All thanks to the VoIP WebRTC technology of our click to speak.

A call will be launched to your company

Instantly, the call will ring in your telephone customer service through your WebRTC phone line, of your Virtual PBX or Call Center Software and your team will be able to talk with the user with HD quality wherever they are located and free.


It's easy! Connect with your customers all around the world for free!

For a single fixed fee, you will be able to receive calls without limits through your website WebRTC click to call button and all those calls will be free for your company and clients. Without need of expensive phone numbers or force your client to make international calls.

Let us advice you about the WebRTC click to call

Find out the advantages of Fonvirtual´s global click to speak


Increase your sales

It is estimated that with a click to speak in your website you will generate around a 35% more activity for your business. Your customer will be able to talk to you from any country in the world.


Free for your customers

Your customers and future clients will be able to contact your company for free. The contact will be easier thanks to the instantaneous channel and their confidence will increase.


Available for every website

But is this for me? The answer is YES. You have more information in “How do I include the click to speak in my website?” 


Without permanency

Like all the services offered by Fonvirtual, the click to speak doesn’t have permanency. We are sure that you will love it!


...and for you too

Receive your click to speak calls for free in your WebRTC phone line, of your Virtual PBX or Call Center Software without need of  expensive phone lines.


Get a friendly image

With a click to call in your website you will project a strong and considerate company reputation, which prefers to make it easy for the clients.


Enjoy the features

With your WebRTC click to call as well as receiving free calls you will be able to limit the hours of operation, choose languages, voice menus…


WebRTC, the new VOIP

Our click to speak service uses the new VoIP technology called WebRTC, that transfer voice in HD quality from any device and using the browser installed.


Your website will be more attractive

A click to call makes your website more attractive, tempting the user to use it, that will reduce the abandonment rate. If you are obsessed with SEO, you will value it!

Make your website even more attractive

Facts you don’t know yet from click to call

Is there a cost to make the call through the WebRTC click to call?

No, the client launches the call from his internet browser and pays absolutely nothing for the calls made, regardless of the amount or duration of the same. 

Those calls do not have any cost for your company either, our global click to call service only has a fixed monthly fee.


Do I need a special phone?

There’s no need of any special phone, or any kind of software. The client will click through his PC’s browser, tablet or smartphone the click to call button and a call from your company will be instantly send to make possible the attention through your Virtual PBX or Call Center Software with total efficiency and with HD quality. If the customer calls from a computer, you may need headphones to talk and listen efficiently, unlike laptops, tablets or telephones that already have everything you need to have a telephone conversation.

How do I include the click to speak on my website?

In fonvirtual we will give you a simple line of codes for you to copy and paste on your website. Yes, that is, copy and paste:

<code> Click to call code from Fonvirtual </code>

As a result, you can add the click to call in any type of platform: WordPress, PrestaShopMagento, Drupal or any own development

What is the difference between click to call and click to speak?

The principal difference is that with click to speak calls are made directly through the browser without need of introducing any phone number, so your web users will only need to click the button to contact directly your company. With the common click to call the users will need to insert their phone number in the button and the click to call will launch two calls, one to your company and another to the customer to start the contact.

What happens if the customer calls through the WebRTC click to call button from another country?

Absolutely nothing. Our click to call is a global service, so any user that accesses your website wherever it is located can use the service in the same way as it can use your form to contact you or read your website content. This is a very big advantage as it offers your users a universal and free communication system.

You can manage the click to call buttons that you insert in your page, in the same way that you manage the languages ​​of your web, being able to use a different button for each language, country or website. The click to call button is completely customizable and would let you know the origin of the call.


What happens if I don't answer the call?

You decide what you want to do with the calls that you can’t attend instantly, either because the call was made out of schedule or because all the agents were occupied. You can add a voice message informing what to do or set up a voicemail with reception of recorded messages from you clients in your e-mail.

Does it work with any browser and on any device?

Our click to call buttons use the new generation of IP telephony called WebRTC, which is a voice and video communications protocol that works through browsers and is compatible with mostly all of them (Chrome, Safari, Firefox…). Also it is available in fixed and mobile devices.

What are the advantages of the click to speak in front of the click to call?

The first and most important advantage is that the user doesn’t need to insert his phone number anywhere. The problem with the common click to call is that nobody wants to give their phone to a web site for fear of being bothered in the future, so users use to avoid it.

In addition, with the click to speak you will be able to insert in your web the amount of buttons needed to know from which part of the page they are calling you and therefore know what is the interest of your user.

The click to speak is global so any user from anywhere in the world will be able to use it without any call cost for the user or the company.

As it is a call that works entirely by WebRTC, the voice quality is HD.