What is WebRTC Click to Speak?

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Just one click away from your customers

Your future customers will just need to click on the Click to Speak button on your website to begin talking with one of your service providers. With this feature, they can contact your business, from any location in the world and for free.


Free calls for you and your clients

Fonvirtual will connect the person scrolling through your website directly to you. By hitting Click to Speak, your company will be contacted instantly, for free, and with HD quality sound even if they call you from thousands of miles away.


All the features you need

You can set up your Click to Speak WebRTC with greetings, schedules, call queuing, statistics and more. You‘ll be able to tell which button your calls are coming from in order to better understand the origin of each call.

Need a Click to Speak button on your website?

How does the WebRTC Click to Call work?

Copy and paste a simple line of code into your website

First, we will give you a simple line of code that you will copy and paste to your website to make your WebRTC Click to Call button appear. The Click to Call button works on sites created using WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal or any other web development sites. Based on your website configurations, you will be able to customize the button to make it fit in nicely with the rest of your website‘s aesthetic.

One of your website visitors clicked on your Click to Speak button

Any website visitor who wants to contact your company can simply click on the Click to Speak button on your site, from any location in the world. This is possible without needing a phone, needing to type in a phone number, and of course, no costs or additional fees. All thanks to VoIP WebRTC technology, this Click to Speak option allows free phone calls from any location in the world.

The call will be directed straight to your company

Instantly, the call will ring in your telephone customer service agent through your WebRTC phone line, your Virtual PBX or your Call Center software and your team will be able to speak with the caller using HD quality sound and audio wherever they are located. Oh, and for free..

It's that simple! Connect with your customers globally at no cost!

For a single fixed fee, you will be able to receive calls with unlimited minutes through your website‘s WebRTC Click to Call button. All of the calls from the Click to Call button will be free for your clients with no extra international charges.

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Discover the benefits of Fonvirtual’s Click to Speak


Give your website a friendlier look

With a Click to Call button on your website, you will give off a welcoming and friendly company reputation, which makes clients enjoy coming to your site.

Increase your sales

It is estimated that with a Click to Speak button on your website, you will generate approximately 35% more calls asking about your company. Your customers will be able to talk to you from any country in the world.

Available on any website

But is this for me? The answer is YES. For more information, view: “How do I add a Click to Speak button to my website?

...and for you, too

Receive your Click to Speak calls for free in your WebRTC phone line, your Virtual PBX or your Call Center Software without needing to purchase expensive phone lines.

Free for your customers

Your customers and future clients will be able to contact your company for free. Reaching you will be easier than ever thanks to the instantaneous communication through a click of a button. This feature helps boost customer service satisfaction.

No permanent contracts

Like all the services offered by Fonvirtual, the click to speak button has no permanent contracts. But we can asure you, you‘ll love it!

Enjoy all the features

With your WebRTC Click to Call button, as well being able to receive calls for free, you will be able to customize your hours of operation, choose languages, voice menus, etc.

WebRTC: The new VoIP

WebRTC technology is an open code software developed by Google. Thanks to WebRTC, you can make and receive calls on any device without needing to invest in physical IP phones. All with HD audio quality and no more dropped calls.

Your website will be more attractive

A Click to Call option makes your website more attractive, tempting the user to use it, and will reduce the rate of customers hanging up before having their call answered. If you are obsessed with having an aesthetically pleasing website, you will love it!

Make your website attractive with Click to Speak

Click to Call FAQ’s

Is there a cost when making a call through the Click to Call button?
No, the user simply launches the call after clicking from his internet browser and pays absolutely nothing for the calls that they made, regardless of the duration of the call. 

These calls do not cost your company anything either, however our global Click to Call service has a fixed monthly fee.


Do I need a special phone or software?
You don’t need a special phone or any kind of additional software. The user will click on the Click to Call button while viewing your site through his web browser, which will direct his call to your company instantly with HD sound quality. If the customer calls from a computer, they may need headphones with a mic to talk and listen efficiently.


How do I include the Click to Speak option on my website?
Here at Fonvirtual, we will give you a simple line of code for you to copy and paste onto your website. Yes, that’s it.

Just copy and paste:

<code> Click to call code from Fonvirtual </code>

As a result, you can add the Click to Call button in any type of website building platform: WordPress, PrestaShopMagento, Drupal, or in any website you programed yourself



What is the difference between Click to Call and Click to Speak?
The main difference is that with Click to Speak, calls will be directed through the web browser without needing to enter any phone number. Callers would just need to click the button to be in contact with your company instantly and begin speaking. With Click to Call, users will first need to enter their phone number. This will then launch two calls; one to your company, and the other to the user’s phone. As soon as they answer their phone, they will be in contact with your company.
What happens if the customer calls through the WebRTC Click to Call button from another country?
Absolutely nothing. Our click to call is a global service, so any user that has access to your website, wherever they happen to be located, can call using the Click to Call button in the same way as someone who is in your region. This is a very big advantage as it offers your users a universal and free way to contact your company.

You can manage the Click to Call buttons that you add to your site the same way you manage other buttons, such as changing the language of your site. The Click to Call button is completely customizable and can be configured to let you know the origin of each call.


What happens if I don't answer the call?

You can decide what to do with calls you were unable attend immediately. Maybe the call was made during after hours, or maybe all agents were taking other calls at the time. You can add a voice message informing the caller what they should do next, such as leaving a voicemail message, which can later be listened to as an .mp3 attachment sent to your email.

Does it work with any browser on any device?
Our Click to Call buttons use the new generation of IP technology called WebRTC (Real Time Communications), which is also known as a voice and video communications protocol. It works on multiple web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and on smartphones and tablets that can open such web browsers.
What are the advantages of having a Click to Speak button over a Click to Call button?
The first and most important advantage is that the user doesn’t need to insert their phone number anywhere. The problem with the common Click to Call is that most people do not want to give their phone information to a website in fears that they will receive spam phone calls in the future.

In addition, with Click to Speak, you will know what part of the web page they are calling you from, allowing you to have an idea of what topic they may be calling you about.

The Click to Speak button works globally, so any user from anywhere in the world will be able to call without any additional costs for them or your company.


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