What is click to video?

Improve customer experience and your sales


The best customer experience...

Your customers and users will be able to initiate face-to-face interactions. The click to video button will allow you to improve the user experience, building trust, showing products, etc. ….


... All they have to do is click...

With no installations or downloads, just click the click to video button on your website and your customers will be able to make a video call with your company from anywhere in the world for free!


...and they will see the agent on their extension.

The agent will receive the video call on their extension either on their computer or on their mobile phone, allowing them to get up and show your product in detail, simulating a face-to-face sale.

Expand your channels with click to video

How does click to video work?


Copy and paste a code on your website

In Fonvirtual we will provide you with a code that you will have to insert in your website to display the click to video button. You will be able to incorporate it in any type of development, whether it is your own or the well-known WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal, etc. You can also customise its design to match the aesthetics of your website.


Your customer will launch a video call

Once the button is pressed, the video call will play on your call service via your webRTC extension, your virtual pbx or your call centre software. Your team will have an HD image and audio quality that will allow them to see and talk to the user, wherever they are. No imitations.

Without downloading anything, just by clicking

Your customers will only need a device with a browser as all of them are compatible with the WebRTC technology used by our button. Any user of your website who wants to contact your company will be able to do so from anywhere in the world by simply clicking on the Click to Video button that will appear on your website.


And your agent will attend you from your extension

Your team will manage incoming video calls from the same platform where you manage the rest of your interactions. All the channels available to communicate with your customers are unified in a single interface accessible from anywhere, facilitating the management of your communications and achieving greater performance.

Look your customers in the face

Fonvirtual’s click to video is all about advantages


Discover conversational selling

Your customer has a face-to-face conversation with you, giving them security and closeness in the interaction. This translates into an increase in the activity of your business.



No need to download software

All you need is a device, whatever it is, and a browser – no more hassle! You don’t need to download any specific application or software to enjoy it. As easy and simple as pressing a button.


As many buttons as you need

You can put as many buttons on your website as you need, maybe you want one on the home page or maybe it is useful to put a different one in each corner of your website to know what the customer is seeing when he launches the video call and find the best agent available to attend him


Can be implemented on any website

You may wonder if it is compatible with your website. The answer is definitely yes. Find more information in the section: How do I include click to video on my website?


WebRTC, the new VoIP

Offer your customers interaction with the best conditions thanks to the fact that our click to video uses the new IP voice technology, called WebRTC, which allows audio and video transmission in HD quality from any device and through the browser.


Like face-to-face care

Take advantage of the benefits of your face-to-face interaction to offer a service as close to face-to-face as possible. Show your products, make your customer feel that you are involved with them, personalise communication, etc. This tool will open up a range of possibilities to improve your customer service.



Make your website more attractive

Including a click to video button makes your website more attractive and efficient, encouraging the user to use it, thus reducing the abandonment rate.


Multiple functionalities

You will have multiple functionalities at your disposal, such as limiting the opening hours or configuring holidays. Your agent will have the possibility of launching a chat in parallel to the video call to share files, or start a cobrowsing session.


Improve the image of your website

Including a click to video button on your website shows a considerate and approachable company image, reflecting your company’s intention to make it easy for customers to resolve their queries.


Your customer will trigger the videoconference in one click

Click to video success stories

Show your products


For e-commerce : 

Many remote sales are lost because customers do not have the right perception of the product’s features. With click to video the customer will see the product in detail as the agent will be able to get up and show him in detail a vehicle, a mattress, etc. ….

And much more…

Sometimes it is difficult to find availability to visit a property that you are going to buy or rent. Having the possibility of a virtual visit with a real estate agent will make the difference compared to the competition.

Offer online assistance


For video consultations :

See your patients from anywhere and on any device and prevent them from missing their appointment due to lack of time thanks to the video channel. The user will be able to trigger the video consultation without downloading anything with just one click on the button on your website.

For remote damage assessment :

Experts and technicians do not have to travel to assess the situation or the damage caused. Through a video call in real time, the client will show the incident through his mobile phone and will receive the necessary support or expertise without geographical limitation.

Ensures accessibility


For the hearing impaired :

Sign language video support for hearing-impaired users will remove communication barriers for this differently-abled group and ensure an optimal user experience for all.

For older users :

Not all users have the same technological capacity and versatility. To facilitate navigation and access to contact with the company for these older consumers, it is important to offer simple solutions such as one-click buttons that trigger communication.

Show your clients that you are involved

Keep discovering click to video

What is a click to video?

The click to video is a button that is integrated into the web allowing users to launch a video call to the company’s switchboard in order to resolve doubts or receive information about the services provided. In addition, this button allows the interaction to be perceived by the customer as closer and safer as it is face to face.


How do I include the click to video in my website?

At fonvirtual we will give you a simple line of code for you to copy and paste into your website. Yes, you read that right, copy and paste:

<code> fonvirtual click to video code </code>.

You can incorporate the click to video regardless of the type of platform you have your website: WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal or any other development of your own.

Is any special software or platform required?

No special platform or software of any kind is required. The customer simply clicks on the click to video button through the browser of any device, whether PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, and a video call is immediately launched to your company so that your team can answer it through your virtual switchboard or your call centre software with total efficiency and HD quality.

Would it be a problem if the customer calls me via the click to video button from another country?

Not at all! Our click to video tool allows any user in the world who accesses your website to use it to have a video conference, just as easily as they can read the content of your website. This is a huge advantage as you will be able to offer your website users a universal and free communication system, so we are talking about having an unlimited reach.

In addition, each click to video button is customisable, so you can manage the buttons that you insert on your page and you can insert one for each language, country or for each website. You will even be able to know from which of your pages your user is accessing.

What happens if I don't answer the video call?

You decide! You can customise how you want your switchboard to handle video calls that come in via click to video and you can’t answer at the moment because you are out of business hours or because your team is busy. In this situation you can implement an informative voice message or a voicemail whose message will be sent to the email address you specify, including the recording of the message from the user of your website.

Is it compatible with any browser and on any device?

Fonvirtual’s click to video buttons use the new generation of IP telephony, called webRTC, which is a voice and video communications protocol that works through browsers and is currently compatible with the most widely used browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox…) on fixed and mobile devices.

Is there any cost for making a video call through click to video?

No, the client launches the video call from their internet browser and pays absolutely nothing for it, regardless of the amount or duration of the calls.

These video calls do not cost your company anything either because our global click to video service only has a fixed monthly fee.

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