Cloud PBX

Your Cloud PBX available anywhere and whenever you want

Cloud PBX


Keep your number

Your clients will still contact you via your landline number. We can, if you wish, provide you with a new number of your region, or even, an internacional number.


Customize your Cloud PBX

We offer all the functionalities you need to manage your Cloud PBX. From the basic ones, options menu, voicemail… to CRM integration or WhatsApp.


Make and receive calls with any device

You will not need an IP phone anymore. You will be able to log into your extensions from any computer, mobile phone or tablet connected to the Internet.

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What is Cloud PBX?

A Cloud PBX is an advanced system of VoIP telephony that allows the management all the internal and external communications of a company from the same platform. At Fonvirtual we work with WebRTC technology, so you will not need an IP phone or downloading a softphone to make and receive your calls. It will be enough with a device connected to the Internet in order to access a browser.

Where can you receive your calls with a Cloud PBX?


Local numbers

Get a new number or keep the one you use at the moment. You could include different numbers to have local presence.


International Numbers

Add international numbers to your Virtual Cloud PBX to answer your clients, no matter where they are.

What are the functionalities of a Cloud PBX?


Main greetings

Make your Cloud PBX complete by adding main greetings for your clients, to inform them that you are not available or that they have called out of opening hours.



If you are not able to answer because you are busy or out of opening hours your clients will be attended by a voicemail that will send a file to your email address with all the information.


Call transfers

You can transfer, with no charge, calls between the extensions of your Cloud PBX directly to other agents or by asking previously to agents if they are available.


Options menu

Set up how you want the incoming calls to be distributed among the agents depending on the option the customer choose: by departments, by headquarters…


Opening hours

You will be able to customize your Cloud PBX so it behaves differently depending on the day and the hour the call is received. You can also schedule holidays.


Calls on hold

You can manage several calls at the same time with a waiting queue. Clients will not hang up if you set a theme that they will listen to while waiting.


Other functionalities

Our Cloud PBX service offers other options such as call transcription, black lists, white lists, hunt groups…


Call recording

Those calls that you made and receive from any extension of your Cloud PBX will be registered and kept so you can download them whenever you need to.


Caller ID

You will identify your clients with a speech that will also help you to find where does the call from, what is the option the customer has chosen…



Study and analyze what happens to calls from your IP PBX to improve its performance or to obtain information that will help your business.

 What do you need to manage your communications from your Cloud PBX?


A computer, mobile phone or tablet

Our Cloud PBX works with WebRTC technology. This means that you will not need to install or download anything (softphones). Flexibility and mobility are the most outsatings features of WebRTC, so you will not need an IP phone anymore to answer calls. You can use the device you have closer at that moment.


With an Internet connection

WebRTC VoIP PBX will be able anywhere yoy go if you have an Internet conenction. Everything happensin the cloud and anything on the devices, so to use your extensions you will only need to access your computer’s browser  or our app in the case of mobile phones. You will serve your customers and communicate with your colleagues at any time and anywhere.

Discover everything that our Cloud PBX can offer

 How can you get the most out of your Cloud PBX?

Increase your company’s productivity connecting other tools of your Cloud PBX and let your clients focus on other tasks of greater value. Manage them from the same place.


CRM Integration

Increase the efficiency of your company with your CRM and Cloud PBX connectrion and centralise all the information.


Taking card payments

Give your customers the option to pay by card over the phone through our secure PCI-certified payment system.



Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Generate value in the management of your communications with Artificial Intelligence solutions by optimizing your resources.


Hours of operation

Comply with current legislation to control employee schedules and obtain reports with the Cloud PBX.


Google Data Studio

Connect your statistics with Google Data Studio and create interactive reports to monitor your Cloud PBX activity.


Add Contact Center agents

Complete your system with our call center software and manage calls with the ACD cloud efficiently.

Other ways to connect your customers with a Cloud PBX

Give your clients the possibility of communicate with your enterprise beyond a phone call. Connect other channels in your Cloud PBX and keep your communications together in the same platform.



Complete your Cloud PBX with a WhatsApp channel that you will be able yo manage from the same interface where your receive your calls.



Make everything easier for your clients and allow them to communicate through the most popular instant messaging applications.



Allow your clients to communicate in real-time through a LiveChat button on your website or app.


“Click to Speak” buttons

Includ on your web or app a call button to let your clients contact from anywhere in the world, with HD quality and free of charge.



Prepare online meetings and videoconferences from any device and with no need to install anything, directly from your browser.


“Click to Speak” buttons

Includ on your web or app a call button to let your clients contact from anywhere in the world, with HD quality and free of charge.



Prepare online meetings and videoconferences from any device and with no need to install anything, directly from your browser.

 How can you optimise your company’s internal communication with a Cloud PBX?

Improve your internal communication at the same time you manage the interactions with your clients. Everything from the same interface.


Internal calls

Talk with any member of your company, wherever they are. With only a click, you will have unlimited calls, with HD quality and with absolute privacy.


Corporate chat

Go a step further in your internal communication with a corporate chat. User will be able to write to each other, create broadcasting groups… And everything will be encrypted.



Communicate anywhere with your teammates via videoconferencing. You will enjoy from HD quality in your interactions with no need to install anything.

Find your tailor-made Cloud PBX for your business

What is the difference between SIP protocol and WebRTC technology?

Even if they both are IP telephony protocols used in communications over the Internet, the main difference is that with SIP, we will need a specialized equipment. On the other side, WebRTC is an open source protocol developed by Google, so it is incorporated in browsers, leaving behing the need of softwares downloads or having specific devices. With the computer, mobile phone or tablet available at that specific moment, it will be enough. This feature is what allows to manage our communications at any moment and any place.

What is the difference between a Cloud PBX and a local PBX?

Cloud PBX


Flexibility and ubiquity

Cloud PBX can be easily adapted to the needs and structure of each company. If it grows, it will grow with it, being customised depending on what is necessary at any given time. Moreover, it allows to serve your customers, no matter where you are.


Cost reduction

A Cloud PBX does not require a physical space nor a technician devoted to the system maintainance, as you will use all the devices that you already have. As it works over the Internet, it will always be kept up to date, so you won’t need to download any software to prevent obsolence.


Ease of installation and set-up

Unlike other systems, a Cloud PBX as the one we provide at Fonvirtual is very easy to set and to customize. Its dashboard is very intuitive, and you will be able to manage your communications immediately.


It allows the integration with other tools

You will be able to connect other apps and systems to your Cloud PBX, for example, the CRM you use at your company (Hubspot, Zoho, Zendesk, Salesforce…) and manage everything from the same platform. This will allow you to perform actions such as pre-identification of the customer, modify data during the interaction…

Local PBX


Poor adaptability

If the business changes and we want to modify something in the Cloud PBX, we will need a technician and the installation of additional softwares, so the cost can be very high if was not expected. Moreover, due to the wiring it depends on, it is difficult to move to other places.


High cost

In order to use a local PBX, it is necessary to have wires and a technician that updates the system. It means a huge cost, not only for installation but also for maintainance. Moreover, it restricts mobility and it is difficult to customize, as adding new functionalities implies an additional expense.


There is not an immediate set-up

As we mentioned earlier, to set a local PBX, we will need a previous installation that a specialised team must perform, so the set-up can last long.


It is difficult to connect with other systems

As it requires a complex and specific installation, it is difficult to connect with other tools. Not all local PBXs allow this, so even if you could do, the costs will be greatly increased, going back to the technician to make it happen.

Your Cloud PBX available anywhere

Why Fonvirtual’s Cloud PBX?


Because it is easy to implement

Cloud PBX extensions that we will provide you with at Fonvirtual does not require any installation, nor buying equipments: you can manage them easily and in HD quality with just your browser.


Because there are no binding contracts

Who can trust a company that forces you to be its client? We are extremely confident in our Cloud PBX. For that reason, we believe you will want to be with Fonvirtual just to enjoy the best service.


Because it is simple and complete

Fonvirtual provides a Cloud PBX with everything you need to optimize your communications: head number + web buttons + extensions + functionalities + integrations + outgoing calls bonus.

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