What is the Fonvirtual Cloud PBX?

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Centralita Virtual


Port your number or choose a new one

We offer you two options: keep your existing phone number, or we’ll provide you with a new one. Your customers can contact you through a call button on your website or through WhatsApp.


Manage your features

We offer you all the features you need for receiving and managing your cloud PBX calls. In addition, you can integrate your PBX with your CRM.


Receive calls on your WebRTC extensions

We will give you as many WebRTC extensions as you need. Use them on your computer, cell phone or tablet anywhere in the world.

Discover what we offer

 Choose the tools you need for your Cloud PBX


Local Phone Numbers

Get a new phone number or keep the one currently use. You can choose phone numbers from different provinces to have local presence anywhere in the world.


International Numbers

Offer international numbers and establish a foreign presence so that clients located all over the world may reach you.


Intelligent Network Numbers

Your clients will contact you for free with our 900 number. Get a 900 or 902 number or port your current number if you already have one.


"Click to Speak" Buttons

Include call buttons on your website or app so customers may contact you from anywhere in the world, in HD quality, for free.



Provide WhatsApp for messaging support and keeping in contact with your customers.


Video conferencing

Prepare online meetings and video conferences from any device wherever you go. There’s no need for installations. Start meetings directly from a web browser.

Choose the Cloud PBX that best suits your business

Get the most out of your Cloud PBX by adding features.



Increase the efficiency of your company with the integration of your Cloud PBX with your CRM and centralize all of your call data.


Pay by card

Give your customers the option to pay by card over the phone through our secure PCI-certified payment system.


Add contact center agents

Complete your system with our call center software and manage calls with the ACD cloud efficiently.


Hours of Operation

Comply with current legislation to control employee schedules and obtain reports with the Cloud PBX.


Google Data Studio

Connect your statistics with Google Data Studio and create interactive reports to monitor your Cloud PBX activity.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Generate value in the management of your communications with Artificial Intelligence solutions by optimizing your resources.

Discover the internal communication tools of your Cloud PBX


Internal calls

Talk to any member of your company, no matter what country they are in. With just one click, you will have unlimited internal calls, with HD quality and total confidentiality.


Corporate Chat

Deepen your company’s internal communication with a corporate chat. Users will be able to write to each other, create groups, mailing lists… And everything is encrypted.


Video conferencing

Make immediate video conferences with any member of your company. Start video conferences without installing anything, from any place or using device, all in HD quality.

The best features to customize the Cloud PBX


Main greetings

Customize your Cloud PBX with the following greetings: welcome, not available, work hours, special announcements, and more



Maintain total security in your communications thanks to the encryption of internal communication with our Cloud PBX phone system.



Study and analyze your calls managed by your Cloud PBX to improve its operation, or to obtain new information that will help your business.


Record Calls

The calls you make and receive will be recorded for you to download.


Call transfers

Transfer calls completely free between your cloud PBX extensions directly or with attended transfer.


Hours of operation

You will be able to configure your cloud PBX to have different configurations according to the hour and day. You can also program holidays and vacations.


Voice mail

Anytime you miss a call, whether you were busy or the call was made out of office hours, a message will be sent to your voice mail. Your recorded message will be sent to your email with a transcription of the message.


Other features

Our Cloud PBX offers you options such as call transcription, black lists, white lists, hunt groups, and more


HD Quality

Thanks to the codecs that webRTC technology relies on, you will have HD call quality during your calls.


Caller ID

Our cloud PBX will identify the calls received with the options menu, and will allow you to know where the call is coming from based on what option was chosen.


Calls on Hold

To attend to calls simultaneously, you callers can be directed to a waiting queue so you may manage several calls at once.


Options menu

Distribute calls among different options and departments.

A cloud PBX tailored to your business

Your Cloud PBX extensions are ubiquitous


From any device

Use your extension from any device with an internet connection, directly from any web browser or through an app.



Whether you are in China or Spain, extensions will be available wherever you go, as long as you have an internet connection.


No investments, no installations

You won’t need to invest in equipment or install anything at all, you can use it on devices you already own through any web browser.

The Cloud PBX that helps your business grow

Why choose Fonvirtual’s Cloud PBX?


Because there's no permanent contracts

Who can trust a company that forces you to stay with binding contracts? We have confidence in our Cloud PBX. That’s why we believe you’ll choose Fonvirtual to enjoy the best possible service.


Because it's simple and complete

Fonvirtual gives you a cloud PBX with everything you need: Main business phone number + call buttons for your website + extensions + features + integrations + outgoing call bonus.


Because it goes above and beyond the cloud

The cloud PBX extensions provided by Fonvirtual does not require installations, or equipment purchases: simply open any web browser and manage your extensions easily.

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