What is the Fonvirtual Cloud PBX?

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Port your number or hire a new one

Your number is directly connected to the cloud PBX. We offer you two options: keep your existing phone number, or we’ll provide you with a new one.


Very useful features

This hosted PBX offers you the features you need: call queuing, custom main greetings, statistics, voicemails, call recording…


Forward your calls to any device with WebRTC

Completely free and unlimited call forwarding with your PBX system. Use your WebRTC lines as extensions.

Make the most of your cloud PBX!

International or local phone number + Features + Call forwarding via WebRTC + Calls package

A head-end landline phone number.


We can port your landline phone number...

If you want to keep your usual phone number, the one everybody already has, we will be delighted to port it for you. Your number will not change, the only difference is that we will make it virtual, with all the benefits that this entails.

But we also offer you a new phone number

If you want to change your number, or just get a new one, we also offer it for your PBX system. Choose between a local landline number or an international landline number

Ready to set up your Cloud PBX?

Once you have your virtual phone number, which is the mainstay of the PBX, start customizing your hosted PBX.

Customize your cloud PBX according to your needs

Time to customize your new cloud PBX

We offer many possibilities to configure your hosted PBX. Think about what you need, and impress your customers!

Infinite features that make your cloud PBX unique

Custom main greetings, IVR, call queues with music on hold, call recording and more customizable features that we show you below!

Not sure about the features you need? We assess you

If what you are looking for is a complete hosted PBX, but you are not sure which are the best features for your company, we will help you to set it up.

Your extensions over any device


WebRTC extensions, the most innovative technology

Your cloud PBX will include WebRTC lines as extensions. Thus, you can receive and make calls from any device with an internet connection: a computer, a cell-phone (with an app), or even a tablet! This technology does not make use of the traditional telephone network, so you will save on equipment and installation costs. This also means that you can use your PBX system wherever you are. Embrace the VoIP technology upgrade!  

Outgoing calls in the easiest way from your cloud PBX

When making calls you will show your virtual number

Thanks to WebRTC, outgoing calls can be made showing your virtual phone number. In the simplest way, you will be able to call the number you want from your computer, mobile (app), or tablet. It will show the international phone number you have previously chosen.

Great facilities

All you have to do is enter the phone number you want to call on the device you choose, and your cloud PBX will do the rest for you. WebRTC extensions provide all the mobility you need. In addition, you will be able to create agendas that will facilitate the process of making outgoing calls, and you will have numerous functionalities such as call recording.

We give you a calls package

Your hosted PBX includes an outgoing call package for both local landlines and cell phones.

Choose the plan that best suits your business

No term contract!


Our cloud PBX service will not let you down

Although we are convinced you will be delighted with out service, we don’t like to tie you up with a term contract.
We are aware you might want to cancel your contract for other reasons, that’s why we want to offer you this tranquility

We trust you as much as you trust us

Who can trust companies that make their clients keep paying even when they don’t need the service anymore?
In Fonvirtual we are commited to our customers satisfaction.

 We only seek happy customers

Because all of this, we won’t implement a term contract under any circumstances.
In Fonvirtual we only want happy customers!

We inform you about our prices

What features does the cloud PBX offer?


Custom main greetings

Customize your PBX system with your own greetings


The custom main greetings are informative messages that would be heard by callers, and which will guide them through the call. If the caller is making the call outside the customer service hours it would let the caller know what are the options. A full PBX setting is always formed by at least four greetings.


An initial message in which the caller gets information about what company is she or he calling ( ” You have reached  Jimmy and friends consultancy group”). Depending on the PBX setting we want, this initial message might need a following step. It might need to guide callers through the different alternatives (“If you wish to speak with the accounting department press 1, with HR press 2”) 


In second place, it is always good to add a message to inform callers when all our phone lines are busy, letting the caller decide whether he or she wants to leave a message or try lager again.

After hours

For those calls made after hours, it is recommended to include the hours in which they can reach us out. (” Our customer service ours are from 7a.m to 12p.m and from 3.pm till 5p.m”)  plus, you can also give them the option to leave a message in our voicemail so you can reach them later.


Lastly, it is also recommended to add a message for holidays season in which the company specifies when they would be reachable again (“We remain closed today due to local holidays, our company will remain closed till next Wednesday”). Fonvirtual will set main greetings up in TTS (text to speech). Customers with Premium subscriptions and upgraded subscriptions will be able to include their own messages, human-voice recorded and letting Fonvirtual include them in the PBX settings.



Distribute your calls between the different departments of your company


One of the most useful PBX features is the IVR, because it enables distributing incoming calls among different departments. This way is simpler for the caller and more efficient for our company (“If you wish to speak with the accounting department, press 1, HR, press 2”)

The caller will not only have to press the key that corresponds to the option that best suits the purpose of his or her call. Thanks to the IVR, in most cases we ensure the call will be answered by the most adequate person.

There are many call segmentation options. We can segment calls by departments or languages. For example, (” English, press 1, Spanish, press 2″) or areas (“New york office, press 1, L.A office, press 2”).

Besides how useful the IVR is, it also provides a big company image.


Call recording

Storage your incoming and outgoing calls of your cloud PBX.


Call recording will allow you to access to a huge amount of data in call conversations, that otherwise would be lost. It is particularly useful fro those cases in which it is necessary to rescue the exact data in determined conversations.

The access to call recordings will be only for a limited period of time – 10 days- until the call recordings will disappear  from your account. This is the reason why it is necessary to download them periodically if we want to storage all of them. You can extend this period by signing for an additional FTP service. For more information about call recording or their legal aspects, you can write us to the following email address infousa@fonvirtual.com



Set different set ups depending on the schedules.

The possibility to create different settings based on schedules and calendars, is very interesting for most companies. We recommend at least four time frames for your call customer service.

Work hours

The main setting should fit the work hours. For example, from Monday to Friday  from 9 a.m to 12 p.m and from 4 p.m till 7 p.m. Withing this time frame our incoming calls will enter into the system and they will be answered.

After hours

A second time frame will be the known as “After hours”. Anytime besides the work hours are considered after hours. If an incoming call si made after hours, callers will hear a message with the work hours and they will be also redirected to the voicemail in case they want to leave a message.


It is important to create a message to inform callers during holiday season. We recommend to create a setting particularly for holiday season. For example. on 4th of July customers will hear a message (” Due to Independence day we will remain closed today”).


Finally, if our company will remain closed for a concrete period of time, it will be convenient to inform our clients to not call us during that time. For example, ” From 15th till 30th of July our company will remain close due to vacation”.


Call Transfer

Transfer all your incoming calls among your different extensions for free


When an incoming call enters the PBX system, it will be possible to transfer that call to another extension without having to end the call. . Furthermore, the phone line which transfers the call will be free again to answer other calls. The Fonvirtual hosted PBX offers two types of Call Transfer:

 Attended transfer:

When an incoming call is received the person who answers it will be able to communicate to other extensions at the same time. This way he or she can ask the other person if they are available to answer the call while the caller is placed on music on hold. The idea is to consult first with the person who is going to receive the transfer if they want to accept it or not, or to share any other comments about the call. Depending on his or her answer the call will be either transfer to the second line or reclaimed by the first one.

Unattended transfer:

This type of Call transfer directly routes the call to other extension, without consultation.

For further information about Call Transferring, you can ask us in the following email sales@fonvirtual.com


Call queuing

Music on hold for the calls you are unable to answer at the moment.


The call queuing is very useful for those companies in which most incoming calls come at the same time, and the caller has to wait a few minutes before his or her calls is answered. In order to avoid callers hanging up the phone, the call goes to a call queu with music on hold until one of the extensions is not busy any longer.

We should be aware callers won’t stay on the call line forever although, it may help us win some time to answer the call, plus it helps to create an exclusive company image as well.



Receive an email notifying unattended calls


For all those cases in which we have been unable to answer the call, either because we were unavailable, busy or because the call was made after office hours, it is fundamental to set up a voicemail.

The voicemail gives the caller the opportunity to leave a message expressing the reason of his or her call. With the Fonvirtual voicemail you will immediately receive an email informing you “The phone number 64x, xxx, xxxx has tried to contact you at 14:43”.  You will also receive the voicemail in mp3 format attached.

This secondary feature will make sure you will never miss a call again.


Call ID

Identify if the incoming call is coming through the cloud pbx.


Due to the flexibility of the hosted PBX,  that allows adding professional and personal cell phone numbers from any phone provider as extension. It can be useful to identify if the call is coming through the virtual phone number in the PBX or if it is a direct call to our cell phone.

In case the phone number is coming through the virtual phone number we can indicate in two different ways:

Mask number

Setting up a mask number: our virtual phone number. This way, independently of who is calling, we will always see the same phone number, ours. Is like our own cloud PBX calling us.

Micro Voice-over

Another alternative is to include a mico voice over, that only us will hear. This means the customer won’t hear it when we hang on the phone call. This option is especially useful if we are part of different departments, since we will know which department is the caller trying to contact. For example, if we hear “Sales” we will respond differently than if we hear “Management”. The application will be exactly the same as if we answer calls in different languages, knowing if we have to answer the phone call either in English or Spanish.



Analyze your call data to improve your business..


All our clients will have access to our platform with an username and a password. You will be able to see different call statistics.

It isn’t just a list of incoming calls, our platform allows to filter information based on different criteria. You  will be able to get reports all kinds of information, time frames, days or months, calls duration, what are their origins.

The are so many possibilities that you will easily notice what are the things you need to improve.

For example, if you have an IVR you will be able to see which option is more pressed by your callers, who answers faster these calls or which department misses calls the most.

Due to the versatility of our virtual phone numbers, statistics our very useful for launching marketing campaigns and for knowing if we have succeed advertising our phone number. For more information about this we recommend you to visit our virtual phone number website.


Unlimited call forwarding

Enjoy a truly unlimited cloud PBX.

In any case, Call forwarding will be charged. You will be able to receive as many calls as you want on your local phone numbers without cost. The only limit is the number of trunks. In telephony, the number of simultaneous calls that can be received in the same number are denominated channels. The number of channels of your virtual phone number will depend on the plan you choose. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy unlimited call forwarding as long as the call traffic is within a normal use standards.

Other unknown features you will like to have

Call text transcription, black lists, white lists…

Filter by origin 

Thanks to this feature you will be able to prioritize calls depending where they are from. It’s such an useful feature. If you frequently receive foreign calls, the system will enable you to filter calls coming from France, and set up a particular greeting in french for those calls.

Black lists, white lists and Vip lists.

For those clients we want to give an special treatment and we don’t want them to go through the whole process, and we want to take care of them personally, we will include them in a white list. On the contrary, the black list is meant to be a filter for all those calls we don’t want to receive for several reasons. Reasons such as avoiding noisy angry customers, annoying suppliers and many more.  We recommend you to put them on a list where this calls won’t be answer, or to put them in an endless music on hold queue.

 Line hunting and “Ring all”

There is the possibility of setting up a line hunting. The first extension always receive calls, then if it is busy or doesn’t pick up the phone it goes to another extension and this way the call will pass extension after extension until one is available to answer it.

On the contrary, the ring all is not a sequence, it is simultaneous. All extension will ring at the same time and the call will be answer by the first one to pick up the phone. It is very useful when a company receives bunches of calls and they don’t want to prioritize but give equal treatment to all their calls.

If you know the line, press it

The fonvirtual cloud PBX allows callers who already know the extensions of some operators to press it at the beginning of the call to directly contact them and avoid this way all the process.

Message transcription

Although is now on Beta phase, you will received the transcription of the messages left on the voicemails via email.

No term contract!

We only want happy customers…

Why choosing Fonvirtual?

Because you don't need to buy absolutely ANYTHING
You don’t have to make any investment. So forget about:

  •  Buying telephones, softphones or any other kind of equipment.
  •  Installing softwares or programs on the computer.
Because we have the best prices
Fonvirtual provides you with the best virtual PBX service at the very best price

  • You will pay a flat-rate and you won’t have to worry about anything else.
  • It means, you won’t have to pay more for particular features or call forwarding since everything is included.
You will be able to set your cloud PBX up as you want
You might have an idea of how you want your hosted PBX to work. But, anyway, let us help you and we will achieve the perfect PBX for your business. You will be able to access the platform and change the settings yourself as you wish. Whenever you want and as you want it, this simple. You won’t be able to do so if you have the basic subscription. You probably already have an idea of how do you want your PBX to be.
Because we are exclusively dedicated to you
Fonvirtual is specialized in virtual PBX. Who else can say that? Our technicians will know how to help and asses you so you can enjoy the most personalized telecom service.