Take your customers through your website to improve their experience


Improve your users’ experience

Co-browsing allows your online business to offer the best user experience in a simple, fast and ubiquitous way, as it does not require the installation of any software or application to start the interaction.



…easily, through your website…

Our solution helps your agents so that they can, from the same cloud tool from which they manage voice calls, video or chat, digitally recreate the sales or assistance experience in person on your website.


…navigating together until the end.

Agents and users of your website collaborate remotely in a natural way: browsing together, filling in forms, sharing, editing and signing documents or paying, until the process is finished.

Guide customers through your website with our charging solution


 What is cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing is a system that allows the user of your website to share a screen online and communicate by voice, video or chat with one of your agents to be guided without leaving their browser or your website.

Our technology does not require you to make changes to your website or your current processes and can be used easily from anywhere. It also meets the highest standards in security and privacy. 

Our solution allows you to co-browse any digital file on your website or a third party’s website, whether it’s a video, iframes or any other content. Everything can be shared with the co-browsing software.

 Recreate the face-to-face customer experience with a cobrowsing software

E-commerce needs to recreate the “face-to-face” customer experience to achieve a comfortable and natural purchasing process for the user. 

Other customer service or technical support processes also require a real-time accompaniment of the user in their web browsing. 

A co-browsing app allows you to use this direct and real-time relationship with your digital customer to increase sales but also their commitment, trust and loyalty to your brand.


Discover the advantages of online screen sharing

Advantages of our co-browsing solution


Fast, simple and secure

Our WebRTC cobrowsing solution is faster, easier and more secure than other collaborative tools used for online screen sharing such as Google Meet, Zoom or Teams.



Cobrowsing vs screen sharing

It also allows for a secure, event-only, active bidirectional cooperation, which requires less bandwidth than screen sharing with better image quality.



No data leakage

Interactions take place in a limited area of the user’s browser (the tab they are in). This prevents any possible leakage of private information



Ensures confidentiality

It allows the concealment of sensitive data such as card numbers that a customer may have to fill in. Thus, the agent will not have access to any of the customer’s private information.


How does the co-browsing software work?


Your customers click a button on your website

When the user of your website wants an agent to accompany them, they simply click a button to start a co-browsing session. This will instantly start an active collaboration session in their browser.



Agent receives notification

The agent will receive notification in its web application that a customer has requested help and will start communicating with the customer through the browser by speaking, typing or video while sharing the browser tab the user is in.



Start guiding your customers

Co-browsing helps you collaborate with your customers with features such as online screen sharing and control switching. You can help users access a specific page, guide them through a page or document, or simply assist them through the checkout process on your website.



You can now improve the user experience!

Upload, review, annotate and e-sign any document without leaving your website. Not having to use multiple external editing or electronic signature tools significantly reduces friction and significantly improves the user experience.


What are you waiting for to improve the user experience with the co-browsing app?

Security and privacy: key features of our WebRTC cobrowsing solution

Security is a core principle of our technology, which has been developed to act as a bridge: information passes through it but is not stored. We are PCI DSS compliant.


We do not store session data

Unlike traditional screen sharing solutions, a co-browsing app only shares the browser tab you are logged into, not your screen or any other data on your computer. We don’t store any personal information or session data on disk; and when nothing is stored it can’t be lost, so your data is never at risk.



Transport security and encryption for data in transit

We employ TLS 1.3 transport security, logging functions and masking of sensitive data for security and regulatory compliance. We use strong SHA-256 SSL encryption for data in transit. All sessions are initiated with a secure web connection and deployed with a security-first approach.



We record who performs each action

Our system records the shared screen to have a record of who performed which action when the agent helps a user to fill in a form or sign a document. The entire website can be screen-shared online but if necessary it is possible to determine which parts can be shared and which cannot in order to safeguard certain elements of the website.


We guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive data

In order to comply with PCI-DSS certification, sensitive content (bank details, social security details, etc.) entered in certain fields during the session can be hidden from other participants. It is sufficient to add an HTML tag to the form field.


Aplications of cobrowsing


For a car manufacturer’s website

Today’s customers demand that the car of their dreams should have certain features. Offering them pre-designed products can significantly reduce our sales. The solution? Fonvirtual’s WebRTC charging solution.

Show your customers the possibilities to customize their products

Navigate your website with your users and show them how they can customise their ideal car. Help them choose the colour, the upholstery, the features they can add… 


For the onboarding of an insurance company

Sometimes, filling out a contract correctly can be very complicated and unintuitive for customers. Especially when it comes to an insurance contract, which has so much data to include. Use our onboarding app and guide users through the form.

Help to fill in and sign an online onboarding form

Improve the user experience by helping your customers to properly fill in the fields of a document as important as an insurance onboarding form.


For remote technical support services

It is not always possible to travel to the customer’s location to solve any problems with their software. In these cases, remote technical support services are essential, and remote billing becomes your best ally.

Guide your customers and solve their doubts remotely

Co-browsing allows you to share your screen online and guide your customers to solve their problems with the software by themselves, without the need for a technician to travel.

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