Conversational AI

Take your conversations to the next level with Artificial Intelligence


Personalize interactions…

Conversational AI will allow you to better engage with your customers. You will be able to attend to customers o assist customers them 24 hours a day in their preferred language and communicate with them to improve the customer experience.


…via chat and also by voice…

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and our omnichannel platform will allow you to communicate naturally with your customers through the channel they choose at any given moment; chat, voice or video.


…and improve customer service

Afraid that your service seems too robotic? Don’t panic. Conversational AI is based on principles that enable a fluent conversation and improve with use, so that the system will talk to your customers as the employees will do.

Improve customer experience with Conversational AI

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational Artificial Intelligence refers to a set of technologies that allow virtual agents to have conversations in a natural way by voice in the case of callbots, and by text messages in the case of chatbots. Through principles and systems such as voice recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, it collects and analyses different elements of interactions and then generates human-like responses.


Build customer engage your customers and offer them a better user experience through AI-powered interactions:


Be forewarned the mood, gender or language of the caller thanks to our voice biometrics systems.


Quickly identify what the user is looking for and offer recommendations based on their needs thanks to Natural Language Processing.


Improve the answers for your conversations and reduce the number of errors through machine learning.

It doesn’t matter whether your customers contact you via voice call, web chat or WhatsApp. Our Conversational AI solution arrange any channel.

Discover the advantages of our platform with Conversational AI

Advantages of Conversational AI


Better knowledge of customers

The more interactions these systems handle, the more data they will analyze, giving them the opportunity to identify patterns and better understand customers in order to provide more accurate answers.


24/7 multilingual availability

In addition to reducing response times, these systems will be available to help users with their paperwork or solve their queries at any time, no matter the day or time, and in the user’s native language.


Simplify your processes

You can automate repetitive tasks that waste your agents’ time. With this, you will improve your workflows, increase productivity and reduce the workload of your employees and allow them to focus on other value added tasks.


Better performance

Conversational AI solutions can handle multiple voice interactions and chats at once. This translates into cost savings as fewer employees are needed to solve customer queries and better results for the company.


Engaging customer experience

Our conversational AI platform allows you to adapt to your customers and keep their preferences in mind, as you can interact with them through their favorite channel and serve them in their language.


Increased sales

Serving users at the right time and in the right way will allow you to get more customers. Moreover, getting to know them better makes it easier to promote products adapted to their needs.

Trust on Conversational AI to improve customer service

 Features of our Conversational AI platform


Sentiment analysis

While the agent is talking to a customer by voice, the system will show both the agent and the supervisor the mood of the customer, thus providing a service quality metric. In addition, in the case of the supervisor, it will allow him to intervene in the conversation if necessary to help the agent.


Intelligent distribution

Our Conversational AI-powered platform will filter voice and chat conversations based on the origin or language of the user, handing it over the agent that will be best qualified to handle it. With this, you will be able to promote more efficient delivery and a more satisfying customer experience.



Conversational agents with Artificial Intelligence understand the language of humans when they express themselves naturally. In this way, regardless of spelling or expression errors, the system will analyze the conversation in order to understand its meaning and provide an accurate answer.


Simultaneous transcription

The system will convert the words heard into text, so you will be able to view the transcription of the calls in real time. If the call starts in one language and then switches to another, it will detect this and offer the translation in the new language in which the interaction takes place.


Voice recognition

Conversational AI goes further and uses voice biometrics to recognise customers so that they do not have to provide their details to agents over and over again. In addition, it is possible to prevent fraud in certain actions such as, for example, taking card payments over the phone.


Machine learning

Conversational AI systems have the ability to improve with every interaction. This discipline focuses on analyzing and interpreting data and establishing patterns, making it possible for the virtual agents to learn, reason and make decisions just as humans do. 

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