Conversational Analytics

The intelligence service that analyses your company’s conversations


Conversation analysis…

Communications are automatically transcribed, translated, tagged, summarised and analysed using AI, extracting relevant information for your company and generating personalised alerts.


…all in real-time…

All your company’s conversations, whether by messaging or by phone, incoming or outgoing, internal or external, in any language, are analysed in real-time thanks to Fonvirtual’s Artificial Intelligence.

analiza transcripciones

…to make informed decisions

Base business decisions on a Business Intelligence (BI) system, with concrete data generated by our conversational analytics, thereby avoiding reliance on subjective impressions.

Get to know your company through Conversational Analytics

What is conversational analytics?

Conversational analytics is an AI-based system that systematically and automatically transcribes in real-time all conversations within your organisation in any language to examine their content, tag them, and extract valuable qualitative information such as the attitude of the speakers, various types of summaries, topics discussed, script compliance, or detection of the intentions that interest us the most.

Conversational analytics to understand your organization



Our AI solutions allow for a thorough examination of every interaction, identifying opportunities, areas for improvement, objections, threats, and anything else of interest with email alerts.


Know Your Customer: Active listening and a deep understanding of the customer’s needs, queries, and concerns open the door to providing exactly what they need.


Evaluate Your Team’s Performance: Analyse the keys to success of some team members and replicate them to improve results. Identify training needs and use real cases to be more specific.


Technological Integration and Flexibility: Compatible with Fonvirtual’s switchboard and call center software as well as other providers, calls only need to transit through us at some point for us to work our magic.

Control your external call center with conversational analytics


Monitor in real-time how many human agents the external call center makes available to your company thanks to voice biometric identification and track the time it takes for a call to be answered by a human agent (HAT, Human Answer Time).


Enjoy detailed reports and conversation analyses to evaluate the performance of the external call center and ensure compliance with agreed service protocols and levels.


Conversational analytics naturally extract qualitative aspects such as customer satisfaction with the service received, the effectiveness of the provided resolutions, and the agent’s proactivity.


Monitor the call center’s activity in real-time without accessing their systems and configure real-time reports and alerts that you will conveniently receive in your email.

Analítica conversacional

Your AI system that monitors conversations

Features of Fonvirtual’s Conversational Analytics Service


Multilingual and Multichannel Analysis

The ability to analyze conversations in any language and through different channels (both written and spoken), providing a comprehensive overview of the situation.


With custom tags

You define through custom tags the topics or intentions that interest you, allowing you to access the conversations that matter most to you easily and quickly.


Compatible with your current PBX system

Fonvirtual’s artificial intelligence is compatible with any PBX system and Call Center software. It’s easily implemented without the need for complex developments.


Automatic and real-time

Access conversation information as it happens because it’s automatically transcribed, translated, summarized, and labeled in real-time.


Custom ‘ad hoc’ queries

Use AI for natural language queries on any specific matter of interest related to a conversation, and get an immediate, precise, and comprehensive response.


Safe and confidential

Information security is ensured by our systems and by Google and Microsoft Authenticator SSO systems that control access to our control panel.


With automatic alerts

Receive email alerts for conversations where opportunities, objections, mentions of competitors, or issues occur to have the information available in real-time.


Qualitative and quantitative analysis

Get qualitative analyses such as sentiment analysis, attitudes of the speakers, or prospect qualification to provide comprehensive data-driven feedback.


GDPR compliance

Fonvirtual’s AI, managed with proprietary models and teams, ensures full compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR) as the data does not leave Europe.

Know your customers and your team's performance.

Big data for business intelligence


Listen and learn

Tracking, tagging, and analyzing interactions with your customers will enable you to better identify their concerns and interests.


Observe and think

The attitude and messages of your customers will allow you to gauge their satisfaction level and find ways to meet their needs.


Draw conclusions

Quantitative data alone is not enough. Qualitative data will make the difference in your level of understanding and responsiveness.

Identify threats and opportunities through conversational analysis


Increase security

Voice biometric fingerprinting ensures systematic verification of the identity of both the caller and the recipient.


Continuous improvement

Gain deep insights with every interaction, allowing for continuous adjustment to enhance your business’s results and efficiency.


Control your organization

Utilize knowledge based on the analysis of conversation data and assessment of the attitudes of the speakers.


Examine interactions

Tracking and examining your company’s conversations will provide you with an additional level of understanding of your organization.


Know your company

The key to your company’s success or failure could be hiding in any corner, and detecting it is crucial for its future.


Redesign processes

Utilize AI-generated analyses to enhance critical processes such as marketing campaigns or hiring processes.

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