Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Integrate your virtual PBX and call center software with your CRM


CRM and Helpdesk integration

Integrate with just one click

In just a few simple steps, you can connect your phone service with your CRM and Helpdesk. Experience the full potential of your services.


Centralize your information

By integrating your virtual PBX and call center software with other CRM tools, you will be able to collect all of your data in one place.


Greater efficiency

Call center software agents will be faster at completing tasks now that they can take calls and enter customer information on the computer at the same time.

Integrate your CRM with your business phone system

Virtual PBX and Call Center Software integration with your favorite CRM and Helpdesk tools


Salesforce Integration

Connect your virtual PBX or call center software with your CRM and call using our services directly from Salesforce.


Zendesk Integration

Integrate your Zendesk customer service software and you can gather all of your customer interactions in one dashboard.


Zoho Integration

Integrate your service with Zoho‘s CRM and collect all call information in the customer file. Call directly from Zoho CRM.


Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Combine Microsoft Dynamics with your phone network and increase the productivity of your agents.


Zapier Integration

The integration of our services with the Zapier tool makes it possible to automate and manage calls in more personalized way.


Pipedrive Integration

Integrate your virtual PBX and call center software with Pipedrive sales CRM to quickly receive caller information.


Hubspot Integration

Integrate Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX with Hubspot CRM and you can record and create call logs directly from its interface.


Freshdesk Integration

Link your phone system to Freshdesk. You can turn calls directly into tickets and enable your agents to pick up calls from the software.


Shopify Integration

Link Shopify’s ecommerce platform to your business phone system to know the current status of your customers.


Help scout Integration

Connect your Help Scout support tool to your phone solution and log all your call information into your account.


Planhat Integration

Integrate your call center software and your virtual PBX with Planhat. Improve your workflow by storing data within the platform.


Copper Integration

Integrate Copper with your phone service in a few easy steps to record the history of a customer and their relations to your company.


Kustomer Integration

Connect Fonvirtual with Kustomer CRM and make consultations with customers based on their messages.


Gorgias Integration

Make the most of your features by integrating your Gorgias platform with your company’s virtual PBX and call center software.


Piesync Integration

Link your Fonvirtual phone services with the Piesync contact management tool and synchronize all your contacts in real-time.

Front Integration

Link your business phone network to Front and automatically store all call information in the inbox of your choice.


Integration with Reamaze

Integrate your phone system to the Re:amaze conversations platform for a more efficient, customer-focused service. Integration

Integrate your company’s telephone solution with sales software and store all call data in a single panel.


Intercom Integration

Connect your virtual phone system to Intercom and create tickets for missed calls and voice messages received.


Slack Integration

Link your Fonvirtual phone network with Slack instant messaging system and enjoy new communication possibilities.


Integration with Google Data Studios

Connect your call statistics with Google Data Studios. Enjoy reports, graphs, and diagrams with that allow you to track agent activity easily through an interactive platform.

Multiple CRM tools available to integrate

CRM integration business advantages



Identify calls

When your business phone system is linked to CRM, you’ll always know where your calls are coming from. Agents will provide faster and more efficient customer service.


All stored information

The CRM merger will allow you to record all your customer’s information in one place.  Sales made, cases resolved, amount of calls, and call abandonment rate is all recorded under the call statistics.


Collaboration between departments

By integrating your phone network with a CRM, all departments will have access to their call information. This will allow employees to work more efficiently.


Anticipate customer needs

By combining your phone network with CRM, you will be able to access a client’s file while remaining on the phone with them.


Available anywhere

Because our services give you total flexibility, you can enjoy these services from anywhere in the world, on any device. Your information is available with you everywhere thanks to WebRTC technology.


Call recording

Call recording will be stored on the client’s file, so you can listen to the call again at any time. Advance these features with the help of a Helpdesk or CRM. 

Business advantages when using Helpdesk



Information available online

Agents will save time in searching for client information. This is because they will be able to speak with the client and view their files at the same time.

Create improvement plans

The integration of your virtual PBX, call centre software, and Helpdesk or CRM, will make it possible for you to identify the most recurrent incidents. That way, you can provide relevant information to solve and improve the issue.

Productive agents

Thanks to the CTI integration with a Helpdesk, agents will be able to fill in the information directly from the call. This allows you to document any interactions in detail, which helps save you time.


Tracking the status of tickets

Combining your phone system with the helpdesk tool provides your agents with information on the status of customer tickets and other phone call interactions.
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