Integration with Front®

Integrate your virtual PBX and call center with the Front® CRM management platform.


Improve your agent's efficiency

Integration with Front® allows you to increase the capabilities of your virtual PBX and call center, improving the efficiency of your extensions and your agents.


Automate tasks

Calls will be traced, identified, and automatically saved to your Front® account. You will then have access to complete customer information.


Increase sales

Integrating Fonvirtual with Front® allows for increased productivity thanks to the automation of repetitive administrative work.

Integrate your virtual PBX or call center with Front®

Advantages of integrating Front® with your phone network

The integration of Front® and Fonvirtual offers many benefits for your business

Combine your information

Combine information from your contact center or virtual PBX with Front®. Increase your agents’ productivity by giving them access to customer information before picking up the call.

Improve your customer service

Integrating with Front®, will give you direct access to all the information concerning your customers in order to offer them a personalized service.


Simplify your sales process

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can improve your company’s return on investment by highly increasing your sales and thus simplifying your work processes.

Access statistics in order to improve

By integrating your PBX or call center software with Front®, you will have access to statistics to optimize your strategy.

Want to integrate your call center software or virtual PBX with Front®?

Want to know more?

Many customers have already integrated their Virtual PBX or Call center with Front®. 


What is Front® ?

Front is an email management software that integrates in a single application all messages and apps, allowing the optimization of company communication.


What tools does it offer?

This software will allow you to improve the productivity of the company by automatically assigning messages to team members, and will facilitate the internal collaboration thanks to comments or templates of common questions. It is also very easy to use, thanks to its assimilation to common email applications (Gmail or Outlook).

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